Monday, June 20, 2016

Eagles Camp & Injury Updates

Photo: Dave Stephenson

We have a couple of notes to pass along from Eagles camp.

Sacramento for the week: The team had been down in Chula Vista until a day or so before the match in San Jose. It was felt that it was better to have more time together in one place rather than travel up to San Jose and have the usual pre-match distractions. This week the team will spend all of their time in Sacramento ahead of the match against Russia. From a practical standpoint it's cheaper than San Diego and you don't have to endure another flight. Plus, it allows them to get accustomed to the heat.

Ngwenya Update: Taku Ngwenya was taken to the hospital last night after his hit early in the match. It was going to be a decision later in the night about whether he would stay there for observation or head back to join up with the team. Either way it's looking very, very unlikely that he is going to play this week. He will obviously be evaluated but from what we could gather after the match he did not remember the hit, which is never a good sign.

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At this point the worry is more for San Diego if they have him healthy for the rest of the season. They've now lost two in a row without him and the rest of their international players. Ngwenya has been coming on strong the last few weeks and it would be a big blow to the Breakers if he's out. Long-term, depending on the severity of the injury it could potentially impact Ngwenya's next contract. Word is that he was looking to move back to Europe.

Greg Peterson Update: The prospects for Greg Peterson playing this week look better but are still uncertain. He rolled his ankle in the first half on Saturday and will have tests this week. It's possible that he could recover in time to play against Russia but he could just as easily miss out.

Camp Additions: James King had work concerns (apparently he's in charge or a multi-million dollar construction project) so he wasn't able to arrive into camp this week. It was close to see if he was going to make the game-day roster but he just didn't have enough time to get over the hump. Also coming into camp this week is Luke Hume.

Camp Subtractions: With 7s camp opening this week both Andrew Durutalo and Thretton Palamo will head back to San Diego. As will attack coach Mike Friday. Nate Augspurger, Shalom Suniula, and Will Holder will all remain with the team. That does not mean they don't have a chance at the Olympics.

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