Monday, June 6, 2016

Denver To Host Club 7s Nationals

Denver is set to host this year's Club 7s Nationals. Dick's Sporting Goods Park will host the tournament on August 13-14th only days after rugby in the Olympics has awarded medals. The tournament will be the first time that an American audience will have the chance to watch 7s after it's Olympic debut and organizers are hoping to capitalize on that momentum. The announcement for the tournament came during the Club Championships over the weekend.

USARugbyTV should be streaming the action from Denver but it wouldn't be a shock to see The Rugby Channel pick up the tournament but that's speculation on our part. Tickets for one day are $15.00 with a two day pass going up to $25.00. There will also be a Challenge Cup for interested teams attached to the tournament.

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Like in year's past each region will be awarded two berths. At the moment it doesn't look like Hawaii will get a special exemption on the men's and instead the South will get two spots. However, that could change as things progress and there is an exemption on the women's side.

Here is what the pools will likely be:


Pool A: Pacific North 1, Red River 1, Frontier 2, South 2
Pool B: Frontier 1, Mid-Atlantic 2, Pacific South 1, Red River 2
Pool C: Atlantic North 1, Mid-Atlantic 1, Midwest 2, Pacific North 2
Pool D: Midwest 1, Atlantic North 2, South 1, Pacific South 2


Pool A: Red River 1, Atlantic North 1, Pacific South 2, South 2
Pool B: Pacific North 1, Midwest 2, Frontier 1, Red River 2
Pool C: Pacific South 1, Midwest 1, Mid-Atlantic 2, Atlantic North 2
Pool D: Pacific North 2, Mid-Atlantic 1, Hawaii 1, South 1

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