Saturday, June 4, 2016

CRC Pool Play Recap; Quarterfinals Set

The quarterfinals are set at the CRC with nearly all of the favorites advancing. Cal will have a chance to defend their title while Life, Kutztown, Dartmouth, Arizona, Arkansas State, UCLA, and Penn State all advance. 

The quarterfinals will have top seeded UCLA playing Penn State, who finished as the second second place team. Number two seed Cal will play Arkansas State who was the first second place finisher. The other quarterfinals have Arizona against Life and Kutztown against Dartmouth.

Pool A

As expected Cal breezed through Pool A. They were barely challenged on the day only giving up 12 points and that was to second place Arkansas State. The Red Wolves also had a good day blanking Tennessee and Maryland. Thanks to those big wins Arkansas State finished with a +57 point differential which was more than enough to see them into the quarterfinals. Maryland finished third in the pool thanks to their win over Tennessee.

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Arkansas State 24-0 Maryland
Cal 41-0 Tennessee
Arkansas State 40-0 Tennessee
Cal 31-0 Maryland
Maryland 22-14 Tennessee
Cal 24-12 Arkansas State

Pool B

Kutztown may have lost some big players from last year but with Alex Faison-Donahoe on the roster they ran out to three wins in pool play. They had some close matches pulling away from both Notre Dame and Indiana. The chance for first place in the pool came down to the match between Kutztown and Indiana with Kutztown winning that match 17-12.

Boston College 21-12 Indiana
Kutztown 19-12 Notre Dame
Kutztown 22-10 Boston College
Indiana 22-7 Notre Dame
Notre Dame 24-14 Boston College
Kutztown 17-12 Indiana

Pool C

Even though Arizona finished at the top of the pool St. Joe's was the big story coming out of Pool C. We had suggested before the tournament that they could be a surprise, they have been in this situation before, and they delivered with solid wins over Navy and Army. They then only fell by a try and a conversion to Arizona or they would have been assured a spot in the Cup quarterfinals. Instead, that spot goes to Arizona who proved their chops once again. St. Joe's had a +21 point differential but that was one less than Penn State. Tyler Sousley led the way with five tries. Both Army and Navy were disappointing on the day with Army winning their head to head match-up.

Arizona 30-0 Army
St. Joe's 22-12 Navy
Arizona 17-0 Navy
St Joe's 25-5 Army
Arizona 14-5 St. Joe's
Army 21-10 Navy

Pool D

Pool D offered the most surprises on day one. Life were expected to run through their pool easily on their way to possibly reaching another final. However, those notions of being unstoppable were halted early as they lost to Virginia Tech team. The should have given the Hokies the clear path to the top spot in the pool but they then lost to Penn State. The Nittany Lions in turn lost to Life tying each team on seven points in the standings. Penn State advanced to the Cup quarterfinals on point differential. They all picked up big wins over Drexel.

Life 46-0 Drexel
Penn State 29-12 Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech 7-5 Life
Penn State 27-12 Drexel
Virginia Tech 24-7 Drexel
Life 17-7 Penn State

Pool E

If there was a team that maybe flew under the radar but impressed on day one it was UCLA who stormed through Pool E. They blanked both Wisconsin and Michigan while putting up big scores and then limited South Carolina to one try. Cian Barry was all over the place for the Bruins. Wisconsin finished second in the pool followed by South Carolina and then Michigan.

South Carolina 12-5 Michigan
UCLA 38-0 Wisconsin
Wisconsin 29-5 South Carolina
UCLA 38-0 Michigan
Wisconsin 26-0 Michigan
UCLA 19-7 South Carolina

Pool F

Utah were the favorites coming into the pool and looked that way during most of the day but no one told Dartmouth to adhere to the script. Dartmouth love the CRC and they booked a spot into the Cup quarterfinals once again thanks to their 19-12 win over Utah. The Utes still finished second in the pool but missed out on point differential. Both Clemons and Temple were competitive but couldn't come away with more wins.

Dartmouth 17-5 Temple
Utah 12-7 Clemson
Utah 21-14 Temple
Dartmouth 21-14 Clemson
Temple 19-12 Clemson
Dartmouth 19-15 Utah

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