Thursday, June 23, 2016

Belmont Shore Take OMBAC 7s

These Santa Monica jerseys by Canterbury USA are amazing.
Photo: Connie Hatfield

The 7s season is well underway in Southern California with the OMBAC 7s taking place over the weekend. The tournament was taken by Belmont Shore and featured several of the top teams in the region along with visiting Glendale to give it a PRP feel to it with OMBAC, Belmont Shore, and Santa Monica all also played. Belmont Shore beat Glendale 28-7 in the final.

The tournament was split into three pools. The OC Ravens took the first pool thanks to a narrow win over hosts OMBAC and then a big win over Kern. However, they weren't the overall seed after pool play. That went to Santa Monica who got big wins over Oceanside and Pasadena. Belmont Shore topped their pool but with more narrow wins over the SD Tunas and Glendale they were the third seed.

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In the Cup quarterfinals Santa Monica ran past the SD Tunas 31-7 while Glendale beat OMBAC 26-21. On the other side of the bracket the OC Ravens beat Oceanside 21-7 and Belmont Shore beat Pasadena 26-5. In the semi-finals Glendale beat Santa Monica 24-19 and Belmont Shore beat the Ravens 19-14.

With the win Belmont Shore picked up 22 points in the SoCal 7s series. Santa Monica picked up the next most points.

Pool Play

OMBAC 17-19 OC Ravens
Kern 7-40 OMBAC
Kern 0-35 OC Ravens

Santa Monica 28-0 Oceanside
Pasadena 17-7 Oceanside
Pasadena 5-36 Santa Monica

Glendale 36-5 SD Tunas
Belmont Shore 24-5 SD Tunas
Belmont Shore 14-10 Glendale

Cup Quarterfinals

Santa Monica 31-7 SD Tunas
OMBAC 21-16 Glendale
OC Ravens 21-7 Oceanside
Belmont Shore 26-5 Pasadena

Cup Semi-finals

Santa Monica 19-24 Glendale
OC Ravens 14-19 Belmont Shore


Belmont Shore 28-7 Glendale


Santa Monica 28-5 OC Ravens

5th Place

OMBAC 28-0 Pasadena

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