Thursday, June 2, 2016

2016 PRO Rugby College Mock Draft

Every year we like to have a little fun and conduct a mock draft using some of the best college seniors in the country. In past year's we've done the draft using PRP and ARP teams but this year we get to use PRO Rugby teams for the first time.

As has been stressed in the past and needs to be stressed again this year, this draft is in no way perfect and is meant to be a fun exercise. We are bound to have left out a player. One of the things about college rugby is that there is some imperfect information out there. Some players may be listed as seniors but are coming back for another year. Other players may leave school but still have some eligibility left.

Additionally, some of the country's best college players, like Peter Malcolm and Sebastian Kalm have already left school to join PRO Rugby at the start of the season. Other players are expected to join now that 7s season is done or nearly done. Further, it should also be stressed that this is purely a mock draft. While we may think a player would be a good fit for a certain team doesn't mean that's what is going to happen.

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So with that let's get down to it. We're going with the standings as they sit as of today and we're going to go with three rounds.

Round 1

Sacramento--Dylan Audsley, Center, St. Mary's: (Note: mentioned above this is inexact and it looks like Audsley is returning to St. Mary's next year.) He may have shaved off his trademark hair recently but nothing has chance about Audsley's game over the last year, except that it's become more refined. Audsley may seem like a great player at first glance but that would be incredibly deceiving. He is the best player in college rugby this year and Sacramento should jump at the chance to bring him on. Sacramento need some offensive help and Audsley would deliver that in a hurry.

San Francisco--Aladdin Schirmer, Back-row, Central Washington: Schirmer has a legitimate claim to being the best player in the country as well. He wasn't in the spotlight as much this year for the Wildcats due to their independent schedule and time with the 7s team but Schirmer is a beast. There is a reason he was called into the ARC team. While San Francisco have a solid group of flankers Schirmer could come in and give them added bite, especially at the breakdown.

Ohio--Blane McIlroy, Fly-half, Life:  The JP Eloff injury showed that Ohio need some back-up depth at fly-half and Ohio would love to grab McIlroy if he's available. He's been injured recently but if healthy he has a great boot and has one of the best rugby minds in the country.

San Diego--James Kondrat, Lock, Cal: All you had to do was watch the Varsity Cup final to see just how valuable Kondrat is as a player. He was absolutely outstanding in that match and would help out any team he joins. San Diego don't need a lot of help at this point but they could use more depth at lock.

Denver--Alexander Faison-Donahoe, Wing, Kutztown: Faison-Donahoe is already a 7s stud having played with the Falcons but he is going to be a stud in 15s as well. Denver already have a stacked team with a lot of good backs but adding Faison-Donahoe would give them yet another option and a player that could blossom into a star.

Round 2

Sacramento--Dino Waldren, Prop, St. Mary's: With Ollie Kilifi and Val Lee-Lo Sacramento have two of the best props in the competition. Toke Kefu has proven himself capable as well but Sacramento could still use more depth at prop, especially if one of their props gets injured. Waldren has all the makings of a fantastic prop that could be a long-time player in PRO Rugby.

San Francisco--Clint Lemekus, Prop, Central Washington: San Francisco are another team that could use help at prop. They have been doing it by committee this year and if they added Lemekus they might be able to add a player that would be a starter every week. There may be players that are more dynamic and with more upside than Lemekus in this mock draft but as a prop he would go high in any draft.

Ohio--Morgan Findlay, Fullback, Lindenwood: Injuries have taken a toll on Findlay during his career but for those that have seen Findlay play you can't help but come out impressed. He would help add depth to Ohio and would allow Ahmad Harajly to move around where needed.

San Diego--Nick Boyer, Scrumhalf, Cal: With the injury to Tom Bliss and Charlie Purdon nursing some injuries of his own San Diego could use Boyer as a back-up. He may not be the flashiest player around but having come from Cal he probably would adjust to the level of PRO Rugby well.

Denver--Kevin O'Connor, Flanker, St. Mary's: O'Connor is the perfect Denver player. He's an extremely hard worker and he loves to do the dirty work (his tackle at the College 7s Nationals is the prime example). He may not start given Denver's depth on the back-row but he would push for playing time.

Round 3

Sacramento--Russell Webb, Fly-half, Cal: Sacramento have gone through several people at fly-half this year with the latest being Mirco Bergamasco in an effort to try and spur the offense. They don't need an extremely complicated fly-half but they need a player that run the ship and make things happen without a lot of mistakes. That's Webb.

San Francisco--Gavan D'Amore-Morrison, Flanker, AIC: Playing at AIC D'Amore-Morrison flies under the radar but he's going to be a great player in the next few years. Heading to San Francisco he can get playing time while at the same time learning from other good back-row players.

Ohio--Tanner Barnes, Center, Central Washington: Like D'Amore-Morrison, Barnes hasn't exactly received a lot of national attention but he is a player. In fact, when we look back at these players in five years time it might be Barnes that is the standout of the bunch.

San Diego--Cooper Maloney, Utility Back, St. Mary's: Maloney can play anywhere in the backs and if San Diego has a characteristic it's having backs that can shift around.

Denver--Ian McCaffrey, Lock, UC-Davis: McCaffrey may not be known to a lot of fans around the country but he is a major reason for the success of UC-Davis over the last two years. McCaffrey has all the physical characteristics to be a world-class player and with some seasoning will be a star.


  1. Obviously this is just for hoots but it got me thinking... wouldn't be that difficult to have an actual draft in PRO Rugby. Players would have to declare and commit to follow through with moving to whatever city selects them. Probably would not have the depth of this list but would be interesting and only help with legitimacy of the league.

  2. I really like this site but this is an absolute joke. No BYU players? Really? I mean yeah they lost the varsity cup final but they destroyed everyone else this year. Luke Mocke, Joe Pikula and Josh Anderson were all seniors this past season and would all be starters in PRO Rugby.

  3. I agree. Where are the BYU guys that shouuld be on there?