Wednesday, May 11, 2016

World Cup Draw Scheduled, U.S. Gains World Rugby Vote

World Rugby has announced that the draw for the 2019 World Cup in Japan will take place in May 2017. The U.S. is tentatively schedule to play Canada in their home and away series on June or July of that year so they should know what pool likely will likely be placed in before the series. That was true for the 2015 World Cup although the draw was held earlier in the year. If the U.S. lose that series they will play home and away with most likely Uruguay, just like for the 2015 tournament.

As always the draw will be done according to rankings. That shouldn't really matter for the U.S. or Canada since they still have to qualify but it should potentially prevent a situation like you saw in 2015 when Fiji, England, Wales, and Australia were all drawn into the same pool. That draw drew loud complaints from England and Wales and ultimately led to England missing out on the quarterfinals of their home tournament.

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U.S.A. Rugby Enfranchised

U.S.A. Rugby, along with Georgia and Romania have been given a spot on the World Rugby Council. The move comes as an effort to increase the number of countries represented although it doesn't really change the power structure of the council.

“This is an historic day for World Rugby and a strong reflection of a sport that continues to reach out, grow and thrive within and beyond its traditional markets," said World Rugby Chairman Bernard Lapassett in a statement.

“We are delighted to be welcoming Georgia, Romania and the USA to Council, three unions who have contributed so much to the game and are making massive strides on and off the field. I know that they will make a strong contribution as we grow the sport together.

“This shows that the model is in place, the pathway is in place and the door is open to other unions who aspire to have a seat on Council. We encourage all unions to take inspiration from Georgia, Romania and the USA, review their governance and strive to achieve the required criteria.

“World Rugby is committed to the sustainable growth of the sport set against a backdrop of transparency, integrity and strong governance and we will continue to work with our unions to ensure that they have all the necessary support to achieve and maintain the necessary criteria.”

USA Rugby Chairman Bob Latham said in the same release: “USA Rugby is excited and honoured to be joining the World Rugby Council and would like to thank the World Rugby Governance Working Group and Nominations Committee for delivering this important pathway to inclusion for member unions. We look forward to playing a full and active role in World Rugby’s efforts to grow the game in the US, across North America and around the world.”

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  1. So after hearing criticism that more than 33 months' lead time was too much, WR decided to only reduce it to ~28 months? According to Bernard Lapasset, " is necessary to conduct it well in advance for logistical reasons and to allow for an effective ticketing programme to be implemented." Somehow FIFA manages to conduct the draw for their world cup a mere six months before the tournament starts. Why are they so much more competent?