Thursday, May 5, 2016

South Panthers Play Bermuda On Saturday

The South Panthers continue their 2016 season this weekend with a home match against Bermuda. The match will be held at the grounds of Atlanta Old White and will be streamed live. The Panthers have had a stop start method to 2016 with World Cup qualifying occupying some of the Caribbean countries. It's expected that the Panthers will resume their Rugby Americas North schedule next year.

Roster: Alex Czajkowski (Richmond), Alex Nazon (Charleston), Amro Gouda (Charlotte), Ben Paul (Columbus/Fort Benning), Bryan Baiss (Tampa Bay Krewe), Calvin Storey (Raleigh), Charlie Hutchings (Tampa Bay Krewe), Daniel Stokes (Atlanta Old White), Drew Moyes (Atlanta Old White), Ethan Winel (Chattanooga), Gerald Roettger (Charleston), Irving Carcamo (Charlotte), James Lawson (Jackson), Jarrett Gartin (North Atlanta), Lucas Baistrocchi (Boston), Matt Mendelssohn (Columbia), Mike Sanders (Macon), Nathan Ring (Nashville), Ron Omondi (Atlanta Old White), Thomas Van Petten (Life), Todd Sherer (Columbia), Ty Elkins (Charlotte), Tyler Bishop (Tallahassee), Waymon Cassell (Nashville), Zach Miller (North Atlanta)

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  1. Curtis, wtf, you don't even say what time the damn game is, or where it's streamed?????????