Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Q&A: Answers To Your Questions

Last week we put out the call for questions and you responded with some great ones. Answers below.

Francis Barker: What is the injury situation with Carlin Isles? Very little has been said about it. Is he falling out of favor with the rise of Perry Baker?

TIAR: Not sure on Isles but it's one of those things where they would rather make sure he's right than rush him back to soon. He's not falling out of favor. In some senses having Isles and some other players miss time it's a blessing in disguise. Mike Friday and his staff pretty much know what they are going to get from their regulars, it's their fringe players that they need to find out.

Steve Williams: What are your views on feeding balls straight in the scrum and tackling in children's rugby?

TIAR: Great questions. Feeding the ball straight into the scrum was one of those things World Rugby wanted to change but mostly it's dropped off. We think it's fine if it's dropped off some. They should call it if it's egregious but as long as they are consistent then it's fine to slack a little. 

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In terms of children's tackling we think it's less about the tackling and more about the eduction. If a child picks up the game around 5 or 6 by the time they are ready to tackle around age 12 or so they have enough knowledge to tackle safely. Tackling can be really dangerous if people don't know what they are doing. If we had a team of 14 year olds that were picking up the game for the first time we probably wouldn't tackle for a long time. If that same group had been playing rugby for six years then we wouldn't have a problem. 

Colleen McCloskey: How does PRORugby fit in with the international test window in June? I know there is at least one Canadian player, and a lot of teams have Eagles-capped players in their sides, yet there is an overlap in the schedules. Does that work like the Six Nations, where the capped players get called up and the pro sides make do?

TIAR: That's exactly how it works.

Colleen McCloskey: International players - I keep hearing about international players showing interest in PRORugby. Is this real? Do you see more of this happening? (Why would anyone in his right mind come from Parma to OBETZ?)

TIAR: This is real. One of the things that is really of interest to players is living in America. We have a great standard of living and because rugby salaries aren't enormous in comparison to a sport like soccer it's not that much of a difference from what they are getting. Expect to see more top-level players next year.

Colleen McCloskey: AJ MacGinty - His Challenge Cup season with Connacht is over and the Pro12 season is coming to a close with the finals at the end of the month. There is the international test window in June, then he goes to the Sale Sharks. How does this work? He sits on his hands for a couple of weeks? If Connacht wins on May 21st, they go on to the finals. (I'd love to see a Connacht v Ulster final) If not, he's off after that game. Does he go directly to a USA training camp somewhere?

TIAR: He will likely have a few days off before heading into U.S. camp. After the camp he'll then have about a month or two off before he has to join Sale. The season doesn't start until October so he has plenty of time to rest.

What are the chances that he works with PRORugby over the summer, just to stay fit? I'm seeing injuries in PRORugby and they aren't exactly overflowing with spare flyhalfs. (JP Eloff vs MacGinty - I'd fly out to that game!)

TIAR: He's under contract with Sale so that won't happen. He needs his rest and he'll be with the Eagles.

And how is Shaun Davies (Ohio) doing? He was carried off the field in yesterday's Ohio game - was it a head injury or a neck injury?

TIAR: Davies will be alright but he's going through the concussion protocol.

WM: Any word on any USA players heading overseas to play professionally? Obviously Pro Rugby is going to the route for most of our players but I know there is always a draw to play overseas.

TIAR: Great question as always. Well, we saw that David Tameilau and Nick Civetta landed with Newcastle. Tameilau will play most of the rest of the season with San Francisco and PRO Rugby has repeated said they won't stand in the way of players getting a contract in Europe. Outside of those two players Taku Ngwenya is likely headed back overseas after his stint with PRO Rugby. Other than that we'll have to see who stands out in the summer. At the same time, it's entirely possible that players like Danny Barrett, Folau Niua, and some other 7s players land overseas after the Olympics.

Brian Jackson: Is there any word from PRO Rugby on the disciplinary procedure for cited players and has the San Francisco lock who was suspended by the club received any formal sanction yet?

TIAR: Grass was given a six match ban.

Adam Muszynski:

-Will PRO rugby provide injury updates on players in the league? It'd be nice to know what's up with guys on the teams we cheer for.

TIAR: This is an area they can definitely improve on. We suggest looking closer at each team for specific player updates. We do know that there should be some movement with players being added (college and a few overseas players) and some players that haven't been up to snuff will be sent home.

-When will USAR CEO interviews begin?


-Will the summer tests only be aired on RIM? Forcing us to pay for the subscription---ESPN was great for ARC I thought

TIAR: This was answered recently and yes, they will be exclusive on The Rugby Channel. In our opinion it's a ridiculous move. The only thing airing the matches on The Rugby Channel does is line the pockets of RIM by forcing fans to pay to watch. Plus, no one is going to stumble upon The Rugby Channel the way they would stumble upon rugby on ESPN. Even more, wouldn't you rather have U.S.-Italy on ESPN than USA-Chile?

-When is the first USA camp/selection list coming out for the summer eagles games?

TIAR: It should come out very soon. Camp will likely start late this year because there are only two matches.

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  1. Brian Jackson: Is there any word from PRO Rugby on the disciplinary procedure for cited players and has the San Francisco lock who was suspended by the club received any formal sanction yet?

    TIAR: Grass was given a six match ban.

    The sentence seems light compared to Chris Ashton's 10 weeks for a similar offence, but where and when was this published and does this mean that PRO Rugby will continue to work in a need to know basis?