Wednesday, May 11, 2016

PRP Power Rankings: SFGG Take Over The Top Spot

Just ahead of the Grand Final we have a new leader in our power rankings!

1. SFGG (9-3-0; Last Week: 3; beat Glendale 32-20): SFGG move over to the top spot in our power rankings thanks to a string of big wins. None of those were as big as their win over Glendale mid-week. Having beaten OMBAC convincingly the week prior SFGG still would have likely missed out on the Grand Final had they lost to Glendale. Now they head to Infinity Park on Saturday with the momentum. Up next: Glendale Raptors (Grand Final) 

2. Glendale Raptors (10-2-0; LW: 1; lost to SFGG 32-20, beat Denver 34-6): Glendale were the best team during the regular season but these are power rankings, not standings. Glendale seem to have been hit hard by PRO Rugby call-ups. They got some of those players back for the match against Denver but with the Denver PRO Rugby in Sacramento this weekend they will have to rely on the team that struggled a little big down the stretch. Up next: SFGG (Grand Final)

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3. OMBAC (9-3-0; LW: 2; beat Belmont Shore 34-12): OMBAC were so close to breaking up the SFGG-Glendale duopoly and making the Grand Final. Had they been able to pull out a result against SFGG two weeks ago they would have been there. In the end it's lessons learned and hopefully coming back stronger next year. Up next: Season Finished

4. Belmont Shore (7-5-0; LW: 4; lost to OMBAC 34-12): It was a frustrating season for Belmont in which they picked up big wins against the likes of SFGG and Glendale but then had some surprise losses that cost them a shot at playing for more. Still, they finished with a winning record. Up next: Season Finished

5. Olympic Club (2-9-1; LW: 5; best Santa Monica 29-13): Olympic Club finished with their highest placing yet thanks to a win over Santa Monica. They still only have two wins on the season but they played well enough to pick up three bonus points and finish in fifth place. Up next: Season Finished

6. Denver Barbarians (2-9-1; LW: 6; lost to Glendale 34-6): The Barbarians were hit hard but PRO Rugby call-ups and the weather didn't do them any favors this year. They will now have to take a look at what went wrong this year and fix it for next year. Up next: Season Finished

7. Santa Monica (2-10-0; LW: 7; lost to Olympic Club 29-13): The Dolphins had some good play this year but they didn't have the depth needed to pick up more wins. Up next: Season Finished

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