Wednesday, May 18, 2016

PRP Power Rankings: Glendale Finish First

Our final PRP Power Rankings of the season are in. There was a change in the power rankings this season with Glendale retaking the top spot thanks to their win in the Grand Final.

1. Glendale Raptors (10-2-0; Last Week: 2; beat SFGG 44-20): The Raptors were on a bit of a slide heading into the final but they showed exactly why they have held the top spot in our rankings for most of the season. They got big performances from Armandt Peens, Martin Knoetze, and Zach Fenoglio as well as the timeless Mose Timoteo. Now with two wins in three finals and three regular season titles the Raptors are the team to beat in the PRP.

2. SFGG (9-3-0; LW: 1; lost to Glendale 44-20): After five straight wins to end the season SFGG ran out of gas in the Grand Final. They had some good play in the final but when Tai Enosa went down with injury they lost their playmaker and go to kicker. However, they did prove that even with losing a couple of players to PRO Rugby they are a team to compete with.

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3. OMBAC (9-3-0; LW: 3; season finished): OMBAC had a good year but were one step short of the final. That will be the goal next year.

4. Belmont Shore (7-5-0; LW: 4; season finished): Belmont Shore were #TeamChaos but they needed more consistency.

5. Olympic Club (2-9-1; LW: 5; season finished): Olympic Club finished with their best result yet.

6. Denver Barbarians (2-9-1; LW: 6; season finished): It was a year to forget for the Barbarians. They had yet to finish this low in the standings and they could never really find their groove.

7. Santa Monica (2-10-0; LW: 7; season finished): The Dolphins had some good results but they struggled on defense once again.

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