Saturday, May 28, 2016

PRO Rugby Team Name Finalists

PRO Rugby has announced the finalists for the team naming competition. Thousands of people submitted names and now each team will have three choices. Fans can go vote on the final choice. As expected, each team has a local theme.

Ohio: Flight, Presidents, Aviators

The three choices for Ohio either rely on the fact that Ohio is the home of the Wright brothers and flight or the fact that Ohio has produced the most presidents in U.S. history (although none since Warren G. Harding!).

San Diego: Admirals, Destroyers, Breakers

San Diego has an ocean theme as expected. Both the Admirals and Destroyers go back to the large naval presence in the area. San Diego has had some fun coming up with their own names with players like Phil Mackenzie suggesting Dragons.

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Sacramento: Steamers, Express, Pioneers

Sacramento's choices center around the rail history of the area as well as their pioneer heritage.

Denver: Peak, Vipers, Stampede

The Purple Cobras were a name suggested by some fans for Denver ahead of the narrowing but it didn't make the cut. However, the Vipers did. Peaks obviously has a Rocky Mountain theme and the Stampede is Western.

San Francisco: Miners, Rush, Fury

San Francisco are also playing off their history with Miners and Rush going back to the Gold Rush. 


  1. OH Yeah!!! Peak and Rush were suggestions of mine!!!

    1. Peak is the one I'll likely be voting for. I'm disappointed with the options we were given for Denver. Stampede... ARE YOU SERIOUS!? *Prays the fans don't pick that one*

  2. Theme nicknames are almost invariably lame, but "Flight" is a particularly awful example. "Fury" is pretty stupid too. "Presidents", "Miners", and "Admirals" are ok names. "Steamers" might be more appropriate for an Ohio know, because of the historic Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

  3. I suggested both Breakers and Stampede.

  4. San Francisco should choose a more contemporary name, like the SF Hipsters ... or the Techies, Yuppie Bros, Gentrifiers, Coders, Liberals, etc.

  5. I submitted Inferno, Storm, Tempest, 14ers, Wildcats, Twisters and Blaze.

    My favorite of my submissions was Inferno named after Colorado's forest fire season which conveniently coincides with the PRO Rugby season.