Thursday, May 5, 2016

PRO Rugby Power Rankings: Denver Move First

Photo: Colleen McCloskey

We have a new leader in our power rankings and it should come as no surprise that it's Denver. The team has been very impressive in their three matches so far, especially in their highly anticipated match against San Diego last week. Also moving up this week is Ohio.

1. Denver (3-0-0; LW: 2; beat San Diego 22-16): As mentioned, Denver had a great week against San Diego. It wasn't perfect and they almost lost it at the end but they are now the only team remaining unbeaten in the competition and with a bye week coming up will be able to rest ahead of a busy May. They may not have some of the big international names as other teams but they arguably have the most depth in the competition. Up next: Bye

2. Ohio (1-1-0; LW: 4; beat San Francisco 51-17): A lot of eyes were on Ohio to see how they would play after losing to Denver in the snow in week one. The team responded really well and showed that they are a team to be reckoned with this season. Shaun Davies is looking very strong as are players like Sebastian Kalm, Matt Hughston, and others. They have another big test this week against Sacramento. Up next: Sacramento

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3. San Diego (1-1-0; LW: 1; lost to Denver 22-16): San Diego had a chance to beat Denver on Sunday but they left it too late to turn it on. Their backs were once again strong but coming up against a better defensive team in Denver they didn't enjoy the same amount of possession they had against Sacramento. Up next: San Francisco

4. Sacramento (1-0-0; LW: 4; Bye): Sacramento had last weekend off. It's a big unfortunate that they fall a spot but Ohio was impressive. Up next: Ohio

5. San Francisco (0-3-0; LW: 5; lost to Ohio 51-17): The warning bells are going off in San Francisco after their third straight loss. The team can score but defensively they are having significant problems. Many of those problems appear to be related to fitness. While some of the players have the adequate fitness to compete, others, especially in the forwards, don't. If San Francisco can improve in that department they should be one of the best teams in the competition. If not, then they could be in for a long year. Up next: San Diego

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  1. There is sad irony in seeing SF do so poorly. This is the epicenter of US rugby with loads of HS teams, two of the best college teams, and a tradition of being a supplier of notable US Eagles. Yet here they are with frankly an ill prepared side that on the basis of their first match is also poorly supported. Professionalism will seperate the weak from the strong rather quickly as we are seeing now.