Friday, May 13, 2016

Paris 7s: Argentina Dominate The Eagles

Even though the Eagles likely couldn't move up in the World Series standings in Paris there was a lot to play for. One of the things they wanted to do going into the tournament was firm up their spot in fifth place. Unfortunately they did the opposite of what they wanted to do in a comprehensive 36-0 loss to sixth place Argentina to open the tournament. Credit to Argentina who put on a masterclass defensive performance but at the same time the Eagles were shockingly poor, committing double digit errors. The Eagles will now have to regroup ahead of France tomorrow at 6:20 a.m. et/3:20 a.m. pt.

Straight from the start the Eagles made it too easy for Argentina. The Pumas were able to pick up their first points simply by having Franco Sebato shrug off a few tackles for the score. The U.S. didn't get low enough on their tackles and a solid Argentina team made them pay for it. With the conversion Argentina led 7-0.

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Despite the eventual scoreline the Eagles did have their moments. Perry Baker was able to make a nice run after an even better kick from Folau Niua. But when Baker was caught there was no support and the Eagles coughed up a great chance as Argentina cleared. A few phases after the clearance the U.S. spilled the ball and Argentina simply went through a few phases before Rodrigo Etchart scored.

Turnovers continued to kill the Eagles. Another mistake and Etchart soon added his second to push the score to 19-0. The Eagles did have a last chance before the end of the half but another thrown away pass allowed Argentina to send the match into the half.

Needing a strong start to the second half the U.S. allowed just the opposite to happen. After Baker threw and ill-advised forward pass Argentina went wide where Alex Muller recovered a chip for a try. Javier Rojas and Matias Moroni would add final tries as Argentina completed their domination of the match.

Losing one match, especially your opener, puts you in a hole but not one you can't climb out of. If the U.S. can beat both France and Canada on day two they should still make the Cup quarterfinals. If this were the Olympics it wouldn't eliminate a team but it would put on added pressure.

Starters: Pinkelman, Barrett, Bender, Niua, Hughes, Baker, Iosefo


  1. Seems like we are trending down while other nations are picking up momentum at the right time.

  2. It looked like the Eagles were unable to adapt their play to what was in front of them in the face of a brutally tenacious suffocating Puma defense which highlighted individual short comings under pressure at this level.

  3. Only 1 attacking system leaves you vulnerable.

  4. Need to improve decision making and running out of time