Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Opening Kick

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National Teams/PRO Rugby:

This is an awesome story. Denver trainer Bobby Keehn helped save a couple of passengers on the team's flight back from San Diego.

Grant Cole has a ranking of players by position in PRO Rugby so far.

The Rugby Republic has a great chat with San Diego's Tim Stanfill.

Four latest edition of Poll Tuesday we want you to grade how PRO Rugby is doing so far.

Photographer Colleen McCloskey was at the Ohio-San Francisco match in Obetz and took some great shots!

Northwest Public Radio has a nice piece on Megan Bonny's drive for the Olympics.

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U.S.A. Rugby has hired KoЯn Korn Ferry to help them look for a new CEO.


After being seemingly left for dead a month ago SFGG have stormed back and with their win over Glendale yesterday have clinched a spot in the Grande Final.

Several Cal players have been recognized for their academic success while BYU has a preview of the Varsity Cup final.

Jake Frechette takes a dive into what the Red River clubs are doing to professionalize.

Scotty Stevenson was at the Old Blue-Life match over the weekend and has a sample of the atmosphere.

The Utah Touch League is kicking off for another season this summer.


Chris Cusiter has retired to Los Angeles to get into the whiskey business.


  1. On the Tim Stanfill article, it may be just me, but I feel like he's making himself sound like a stereotypical millennial. He keeps referring to his part time job and how much he's sacrificing to get paid to play rugby for 4 months. Yes, I'm sure its a sacrifice, but I am sure its a sacrifice that the 179 other guys are making too. He's not the only one with bills, which he makes sure the reader understands, several times. Also, he's coming off very cocky saying he was over due to make the Eagles. But then why say some guys get put early on that haven't fully developed yet? If he was put on early, wouldn't he be one of those underdeveloped players as well? And not sure why he thinks the club competition has dipped a bit. Both the PRP & ARP have raised the bar at the D1 level. What about teams like Rocky Gorge who have steadily moved up from D3 to dominating D1? I am sure they can argue that their level of play hasn't dipped. Sorry for the rant. I was just excited to ready an interview but instead I read an article about a whining millennial.

    1. Technical stuff but Gorge moved up from DII to DI, they weren't a DIII club. They might have been at one point in the early 90s but really there wasn't a DIII at that time.

  2. It seems Grant Cole forgot that Sacramento also has a PRO Rugby team when he did his player rankings. Or are these rankings supposed to reflect last weeks' matches?

    1. I did not forget Sac has a team. I posted a player rankings based on the two matches from this weekend, only.

      Apologies if that was less than clear. Those who know me and my crazy, stupid ravings know that I am a huge Luke Gross fan. Thus, I would never omit Sacramento without good reason.

    2. Thanks for the clarification Grant. I figured it was for the last week based on who you had where, but in the article above it was confusing because they wrote "rankings of players by position in PRO rugby so far".

      Thanks again for clearing that up and thanks for making these rankings. It's a fun way to get to know some of these players a little bit better.

  3. Brian Doyle a great rugger, but to play less than 10 minutes thus far this ProRugby season is a head scratcher for being selected to the First Team