Monday, May 2, 2016

Opening Kick

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National Teams/PRO Rugby:

Nigel Melville is leaving U.S.A. Rugby and RIM after taking a position in England.

The Eagles 7s have been picked for Paris. Ben Pinkelman and Thretton Palamo are back in the squad.

Denver are the only unbeaten team in PRO Rugby with a win over San Diego. Ohio notched an impressive win over San Francisco.

The Junior All-Americans finished out the JWRT in 5th place with a win over Uruguay.

The summer plans for the College All-Americans are beginning to fall into place.

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With one week left in the season no team has clinched a spot in the PRP Grand Final. Glendale had the best chance but they were upset by Belmont Shore.

SFGG have taken over second place with a win over OMBAC while Santa Monica beat Denver.

Old Blue and Life are the co-champions of the ARP after Old Blue beat Life on Saturday.

The DI-A final is set and it will be another rematch between St. Mary's and Life.

Cal's Jerry Figone has been honored with a Bic C award and the team is ready for BYU.

Arkansas is moving to DI-A next year and will join the Red River Conference.

Navy took home the ACRC 7s title over the weekend.

Another team has dropped out of a national championship with Tulane declining to play in the women's DII final.

Doug Coil has the latest results from around the U.S. and the world.


London Irish have been officially relegated from the Premiership.

Frederic Michalak is going to leave Toulon at the end of the year to join Lyon.

Sam Underhill has stated that he wants to play for England. He could qualify for Wales and is U.S.-eligible.

Leolin Zas has been given a two week ban for a red card tackle.

Samoa have won the JWRT and will play in the JWC next year.

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