Sunday, May 8, 2016

Match Commentary: San Francisco vs. San Diego

This weekend's San Francisco vs. San Diego is brought to you by Canterbury USA!


San Francisco

Forwards: Niko Lolohea, Jay Finau, Pat Latu, Rich Knight, Alex Bowman, Sam Finau, Siupeli Sakalia, David Tameilau; Backs: Michael Reid, Volney Rouse, Jake Anderson, Orene Ai'i, Nick Blevins, Pila Iongi, Martini Talapusi; Bench: Codi Jones, Fancy Namaluulu, Maka Tameilau, Junior Helu, Charles Mateo, Jack O'Hara, Naibuka Tawake, TBD

San Diego

Forwards: Hubert Buydens, Tim Barford, Kakalea Pule, David Dolinar, Tai Tuisamoa, Chris Turori, Cecil Garber, Sione Tuihalamaka; Backs: Tom Bliss, Kurt Morath, Phil Mackenzie, Andrew Suniula, Ryan Matyas, Taku Ngwenya, Mikey Te'o; Bench: Joe Taufete'e, Mason Pedersen, Epi Kalamani, Nikola Bursic, Arnold Meredith, Charlie Purdon, Kalei Konrad, Tim Stanfill

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*There is no clock so times are approximate.
Pre-game: Anthems done and we're underway. 
Pre-game: It's still early but not a great crowd today. 
1: San Francisco with a decent start.
3: San Diego with the first change at points and Morath's kick is good. 3-0.
5: Alex Bowman off with an injury already.
8: Try San Diego! Tom Bliss capitalizes and it's 8-0 with the conversion attempt to come. "Tom Bliss attacks blind off scrum, puts down a grubber. Defender traps kick, Bliss hacks again and picks up to score."--Derek Sagehorn. Conversion makes it 10-0.
11: Good run from David Tameilau puts SF close. San Diego penalized. SF going for a scrum.
13: Try San Francisco! Michael Reid takes the quick tap from another SD penalty and he rumbles over for the score. Conversion is good from Rouse. 10-7.
16: First good run from Taku Ngwenya. Dangerous as always.
18: SF called for offside. Morath steps up and hits the easy penalty. 13-7 to SD.
22: Another penalty on SF. This one is longer but Morath is good again. 16-7.
25: Nick Blevins tackles Phil Mackenzie to stop an SD chance. #CanadavsCanada
27: Great chance for SD to score but Barford knocks it on. Kakalea Pule showing his motor on the play as well.
30: SD with yet another penalty. Kurt Weaver is talking to Phil Mackenzie about it. You have to think one more and a person is going to the bin.
32: Tai Tuisamoa send to the bin after another penalty. Big opportunity for SF. They are going for the corner.
33: Try San Francisco! David Tameilau takes the quick pass and is in. Great set play on the lineout. Rouse's conversion is good. SF 14-16 SD.
36: Try San Diego! Mikey Te'o. Ryan Matyas drew in the defense to make that happen. Big moment with a man in the bin. Morath's conversion is good. 23-14.
Halftime: And that's halftime. Better half from SF but too many errors, especially on that try at the end. Good from SD.
40: And we're underway!
43: SF aggressive to start the second half. Pila Iongi tries the chip ahead but he can't recover. SD clear but not far and are back to 15 men.
46: Try San Diego! Phil Mackenzie poaches the ball at midfield and then evades a few defenders before offloading to Cecil Garber. That try has all the feeling of a match turner. Conversion is off. 28-14.
50: SF put together several phases about 10 m out but it's knocked on at the ruck. That's the type of error that has haunted SF this year.
53: Try SF! Volney Rouse! Codi Jones found the gap and then made a great pass to the supporting Rouse. That was exactly what SF needed. Rouse converts his own try. San Francisco 21-28 San Diego.
57: Try SF! David Tameilau powers over! SF ripped the ball from SD and they quickly countered. Iongi with a run from a foot pass from Ai'i before it goes to Tameilau. Well now. We have a game. The conversion is good and we're knotted up at 28-28.
60: Bursic and Taufete'e on for SD. Kakalea Pule and David Dolinar coming off. Maka Tameliau on for Niko Lolohea for SF.
61: Penalty on SF. Morath easily makes the penalty. SD 31-28 SF.
65: Try SD! They get the lineout and Bursic is over for the score. Morath's conversion is no good. SD 36-28 SF.
68: Try San Francisco! They stay patient and get their reward with an overlap finished off by Pila Iongi. Conversion off. 36-33.
72: SF called for an intentional knock-on. No card. SD ten meters out. Try San Diego! Hubert Buydens. Ngwenya with a good take in the air and then it's just simple phases to push over. SD taking control. Morath's conversion is good. San Diego lead 43-33 San Francisco. Less than 10 to go (we think).
75: A bit of a crazy sequence ends with a lineout to SF about 10 meters out. Jack O'Hara on, Jake Anderson off.
76: Naibuka Tawake on for Pat Latu who has a knock.
79: SF commits a penalty. SD will have a shot at goal. This will probably seal the match. Morath's kick so good. SD 46-33 SF.
80: That's the final whistles. San Diego took advantage of their chances and were rewarded. Better for SF but still a few things off.

Final: San Diego 46-33 San Francisco

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