Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Falcons Named For Tough Paris Tournament

The Falcons are headed to Paris this weekend as part of the U.S.A. 7s build-up toward the Olympics. While the Eagle are in London a group of players looking for one of their last shots are breaking into the top twelve will be at the Howard Hinton Sevens with a very solid group of other teams.

The squad includes some veterans from the Eagles like Pat Blair, Will Holder, Peter Tiberio, and Shalom Suniula. Aladdin Schirmer and Nate Ebner will also be on the team and have Eagles experience themselves but not a ton. Steve Tomasin returns from injury and is finally ready to play. He's had  along two years but is not back and ready to play. Also joining the team are Tanner Barnes from Central Washington, Rick Kirkland from Old Blue, ConRoy Smith, Joey Sok, and Anthony Welmers. Barnes has been a fantastic player for CWU the last few years and Kirkland may be the most underrated 7s player in the country.

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Awaiting the team in Pool C is Germany, the Tribe 7s, IDF Sevens, and Seven Elite CBL. Germany have been a very tough team this year and are gearing up for the Olympic qualification tournament next month. The Tribe 7s have been a strong team for a long time as well.

Also in the tournament are a New Zealand Select side, two French teams, Italy, Les Froggies Midol (the team the U.S. beat in Vegas), Belgium, Morocco, and various other teams. A Serevi Selects team led by Waisale Serevi and made up of Fijian players will also be there. The tournament begins on Friday.

Squad: Tanner Barnes, Pat Blair, Nate Ebner, Will Holder, Rick Kirkland, Aladdin Schirmer, ConRoy Smith, Joey Sok, Shalom Suniula, Peter Tibeiro, Steve Tomasin, Anthony Welmers

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