Thursday, May 19, 2016

DII & DIII Quarterfinal Preview & Predictions

The DII and DIII quarterfinals and semi-finals are this weekend in Pittsburgh and Tucson respectively. We wanted to check in and offer a preview of each match.



Sacramento Capitals vs. Tempe Old Devils

Either of these teams could easily end up in the final. The Sacramento capitals survived the very tough Pacific North DII division. They have a lot of players that have flown under the radar this year and could surprise but they are coming up against DII powerhouse the Tempe Old Devils. Tempe have made it to the finals in the past and as the best club in Arizona attract some great players.  We're going to give the edge to Tempe in this one.

Provo Steelers vs. Little Rock Stormers

This match has two sleepers. Utah hasn't been known to produce a lot of good club teams but they have produced a lot of good players. The Steelers are making a case to change that image of no good club teams with a run in the playoffs. They had to beat solid teams in the Omaha Goats and Boulder to get to this point and that should season them for a run against the Stormers. Little Rock themselves have been an excellent team the last few years and have a group of players that have played together for awhile. It's a tough read but we're going to give the edge to Provo in this one.

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Detroit Tradesmen vs. Charlotte Rugby

Neither the Tradesmen or Charlotte come into this match with the brand name recognition of other teams, however, it would be a mistake to discount either. The Tradesmen are due for a big breakthrough while Charlotte have consistently been one of the best teams in the South. We're going with the Tradesmen here.

Village Lions vs. Wilmington Rugby

Wilmington advanced to the quarterfinals after beating the Richmond Lions 32-24 in the Mid-Atlantic playoffs last weekend. They will take on the Village Lions who beat the Mystic Barbarians. This should be a pretty even match with two teams that have good history. For us it's a toss-up as to who is going to win. We think that in the end Wilmington will pull it out.

If our predictions hold true then it should be Provo vs. Tempe and Detroit vs. Wilmington for a spot in the final. We'll take Provo and Detroit.



Napa Valley Rugby vs. Orange County Ravens; St. Louis Royals vs. Euless Texans

It's NorCal vs. SoCal which always makes for a strong encounter. We think that Napa Valley had to go through a little big more to get to this point so we're going with them.  We're going to go with the Texans in the other bracket. We then have Napa advancing to the final.


Bremer County Bucks vs. Savannah Shamrocks; Fairfield Yankees vs. Rocky Gorge

Traditionally there have been some very strong DIII teams to come out of the east. This year has four good teams once again. We're going with Savannah and Fairfield in the quarterfinals with Savannah going to the final.


  1. USA Rugby heard Rocky Gorge's appeal and granted it. They are in the D3 game not Reading.

    1. What were the circumstances of the appeal?

    2. they don't have contiguous side D1 and D3

    3. I wonder what USA Rugby's justification was to just throw out a rule that was set before the season started?