Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Denver Trainer Saves Man On Flight Back From San Diego

Denver are back home after an eventful weekend led by a win over San Diego to stay unbeaten and capped off with trainer Bobby Keehn helping save a man on their flight back from Denver. Juan Carlos Rodriguez was a passenger on their Frontier flight from San Diego and posted a thank you describing how his father-in-law suffered a medical emergency on the plan and Keehn rushed into action helping save the man. Here is what Rodriguez wrote:

Hi, I just wanted to write and recognize the actions of the team's trainer. I believe his name is Bobby. We were on a flight from San Diego to Denver. I was with my wife, two young daughters, and in-laws. About half way through the flight my father-in-law became unresponsive appearing to be having a stroke or a seizure. he was unresponsive for several minutes overall. Within seconds of the flight attendants requesting medical assistance Bobby was by his side taking vitals and assisting after my in-law. He eventually came to and gained color to his face and awareness. Bobby stayed with him and talked him throughout the traumatic experience. He set us all at ease with his professional and calm approach. he was certainly a hero in those moments. We would like to thank him and express out profound appreciate of his actions. 
On top of that, minutes later another passenger was also suffering from what we later found out was a heart attack on board. Bobby also stepped in to provide medical assistance to that passenger and calming presence to his daughter. It was extraordinary and he did it all very humbly and without fanfare.  
We thanked Bobby in person but would also like the thank him and the team. The players and coaches were all supportive throughout. Thank you from our family to yours...congrats on the win win SD!
A very cool story to see and hopefully everyone is alright!

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