Wednesday, May 11, 2016

College Top Ten: Cal, Life, or BYU?

Photo: Dave Stephenson

With the Varsity Cup and DI-A finals done and dusted we're once again left asking who is number one? Because of the fractured nature of the college landscape rarely is there going to be a consensus pick. BYU likely would have been a consensus pick had they beaten Cal but as we saw that went out the window.

Even though Cal and Life won their respectively championships there is still a legitimate case to make that BYU are number one. After all, they beat St. Mary's twice and handled Central Washington, a team Cal barely beat. They also beat Arkansas State by a large score. Plus, if you replay that Varsity Cup final five times BYU arguably wins four. However, that's not enough for us to give them the top spot. 

1. Life (LW: 2; beat St. Mary's 24-20): We debated for a long time whether to put Life, Cal or BYU in this spot. They all had legitimate arguments. In the end we went with the team that was unbeaten on the year while picking up wins over tough opponents. Life may not be the flashiest team but they got the job done when they needed it done. 

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2. Cal (LW: 2; beat BYU 40-29): You have to give a lot of credit to Cal. There were a couple of times during the Varsity Cup final when they could have rolled over and let BYU take it. Instead, the Golden Bears went back to the Jack Clark special and pulled off the upset. As we mentioned above, is it a result that Cal would pull off a majority of the time against BYU at South Field? Probably not but all it takes is once. 

3. BYU (LW: 1; lost to Cal 40-29): It's somewhat painful to put BYU here after they dominated the regular season. The Varsity Cup final was a match they should have had. They still have core players that are returning for more seasons so they can shake this loss off but it stings. 

4. St. Mary's (LW: 4; lost to Life 24-20): St. Mary's should have beaten Life on Saturday. All they needed to do was be more careful with the ball at times. It was another good season for the Gaels but they couldn't overcome the challenges of our top three. 

5. Central Washington (LW: 5): The Wildcats have finished their season. 

6. Lindenwood (LW: 6): The Lions have finished their season. 

7. Indiana (LW: 7): The Hoosiers have finished their 15s season and will play at the CRC.

8. Utah (LW: 8): The Utes have finished their 15s season and are now playing 7s, including at the CRC.

9. Arkansas State (LW: 9): The Red Wolves have finished their 15s season and will play at the CRC. 

10. UCLA (LW: 10): The Bruins have finished their 15s season and will play at the CRC. 


  1. Cal dominated SMC. Per your analysis, SMC should have beaten Life - so how is Life #1?

  2. Cal dominated St Mary's??? What have you been smoking? Cal was losing in the second half, half the game was played in a driving rainstorm, which made any kind of running rugby impossible, and Cal's kicking game and territory advantage finally made the difference. Can you Cal fans ever get over yourselves and see there are other good teams besides Jack Clark's hand picked players from all over the world.

  3. At the end of the day Life is the only unbeaten team. We can all speculate but that fact isnt debatable.

    I hope Cal and BYU come back in to the fold soon and we can see all of the teams compete.

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