Thursday, May 19, 2016

College All-Americans Headed To Australia

As we noted a few weeks back the Men's College All-Americans were mulling over three options for this summer: an overseas tour, a domestic camp against an overseas opponent, and a Stars vs. Stripes match. News came out today that it's the first option with the team headed to Australia. The team will be lead by Gavin Hickie and will head to Queensland in July for two weeks. They will be playing the Queensland Country NRC team, Brothers Rugby, one of the premier teams in Queensland, and the Darling Downs select side.

"It is an exciting and challenging tour," USA Rugby Director of Performance Alex Magleby said in a release. "Our best 23-year-olds and younger will be tested throughout, which is what this age-band needs to help accelerate towards impactful performances at the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and, hopefully, be the core that carries the Eagles through to the 2023 Rugby World Cup. WellDog (TIAR note: they are sponsoring the trip) has been instrumental in giving our best student-athletes and emerging elite players this opportunity."

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As we also noted last month a few standout players from the team may have an opportunity to training with NRC teams in Australia or National Provincial Championship clubs in New Zealand.

"Not only are these opportunities crucial to the development of future Eagles, with a favorable return on investment, we're strengthening the bonds between USA Rugby and rugby institutions in the great rugby nations like Australia and New Zealand," Magleby said. "These partnerships assist in growing the sport of rugby globally as well as allowing each country's athletes to experience the multicultural aspect of the game."

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