Sunday, May 29, 2016

Clermont 7s: Eagles Finish Sixth

The Eagles finished in sixth place at the Clermont 7s doing some things well but overall coming up short against two Olympic rivals in England (Great Britain) and France. It was a last opportunity for the team to warm-up for Rio and given the turmoil surrounding the team this year will have to be happy that they finished in sixth overall.

England 21-12 Eagles

It wasn't a bright start for the U.S. as England scored less than a minute into the match. Still, the U.S. did well to dig deep and stayed patient to earn a couple of chances, including one where Alev Kelter came within a foot of the try line. Unfortunately they couldn't convert and instead it was England that went in for another score. England then added another try in the second half before the U.S. were finally able to find Jessica Javelet to speed in for the try (with some help from Kristen Thomas). Kathryn Johnson scored a late try.

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Fiji 12-14 Eagles

The loss to England meant the U.S. would take on Fiji in the Plate semi-finals. Fiji have been an improving side all year and they showed that once again against the Eagles. However, the U.S. experienced showed through to earn the win.

The U.S. scored first as they earned the turnover and then Thomas burned the defense around the outside for the early 7-0 lead. Fiji nearly responded with what would have been a brilliant try but the Fijian player couldn't collect the chip ahead. Fiji would eventually score but it wouldn't come on their own brilliant individual effort but on an errant pass from the Eagles that was easily touched down. In the second half the Eagles once again found Javelet for the try. The conversion was good and the Eagles led 14-7. Fiji would score with a minute remaining in the match but the conversion was off the bar and the Eagles held on.

France 22-19 Eagles

In the Plate finals the U.S. once again were the first to score. A win the breakdown from Kelter was quickly cycled to Vix Folayan who showed her pace to go down the middle of the pitch for the try. Bui Baravilala would hit the conversion and the Eagles would lead 7-0. Still, France struck right back to through quick play. France would then win the restart and France would trap their second in the span of a minute. France would then score another, all through Camille Grassineau, to push the halftime score to 15-7.

France would score early on a tap and go from a penalty about a minute and a half into the second stanza. That would push their lead to 22-7. That's when the U.S. attempted their comeback.  A couple of close chances teased that the Eagles were about to do but it took a great effort from Baravilala to shake off a tackle for the score. Javelet then added a final try.

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