Thursday, April 28, 2016

Women's DI and DII Playoff Update

With the playoffs rapidly approaching we continue our look at who might be in.


Some of the teams in DI are already settled. The defending champions Seattle Saracens will be the representatives from the Pacific North while the Denver Black Ice will represent the Frontier. However, the rest of the spots still need to be nailed down.

Seattle will play the top team from the Pacific South. Belmont Shore and Santa Monica were the top two teams in the regular season and will face off for a playoff spot. Denver will play the top team from the Red River which will either be HURT or the Austin Valkyries. These teams are all in the western bracket.

In the eastern bracket, last year's finalists Beantown are playing Boston to see who will play the number two team from the Mid-Atlantic. The loser plays the number two team while the winner gets the number one team. Both the Pittsburgh Angels and the Raleigh Venom are unbeaten in their leagues. Both will make the playoffs it's just not clear in what order.

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Whoever wins out of the Boston/Beantown loser and the Mid-Atlantic second seed will either play North Shore or the Minnesota Valkyries. North Shore are currently unbeaten but if they lose to the Valkyries on May 7th it could upset their season.


Western Regional

Out West some teams have already advanced to the Round of 16. In the Pacific North it comes down to the Bend Lady Roughriders against the Life West Gladiators. Bend beat the Emerald City Mudhens 20-15 and Life West beat SFGG 72-5. In the Pacific South it will be either the Tucson Lightening or Ventura County. Tucson beat the Fullerton Wolfpack 20-17 and Ventura County beat San Fernando 44-12.

Houston Athletic and the Little Rock Stormers and the Austin Valkyries and Oklahoma Roses will go head to head in the Red River. This competition also doubles as DI play. Whoever, finally emerges from the Red River will play the winner from the Frontier. That's either going to be the Kansas City Jazz, Kansas State Wildcats, Boulder Babes, or St. Louis Sabre. The Jazz and Wildcats play each other while the Babes and Sabre do the same.

Eastern Regional

The Midwest still has to play out. Either Wisconsin or the Sirens will go up against Morrigans or Scylia in the Round of 32. Whoever wins that match will play the winner of the Kelts or Highlanders against Buffalo or Louisville. The Midwest winner will then play the South winner in the quarterfinals. The South will see the Augusta Furies play the Nashville Stone Lions and Charlotte play Fort Miami.

In the Northeast, Burlington will play Portland and Providence will play the Hartford Wild Roses. The Atlantic North winner will then play the Mid-Atlantic winner. Brandywine Riot will play NOVA and Harrisburg Harlots will play Doylestown Dragons.

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