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Thursday, April 14, 2016

TIAR Partners With Pitchero To Provide Solutions For Clubs

Here at TIAR we're proud to announce our new partnership with Pitchero. Many of you have probably already seen the banner near the top of our page but we want to take some time out to explain to you why we've partnered with the company.

For those not aware, Pitchero works at the heart of your club, it's your team management system, the way you communicate with your athletes and how you keep everyone up to date with your latest news. Over 12,000 sports clubs globally use Pitchero. They also provide more than just a website, they can help keep track of dues and fees, membership databases, and e-mails. We know that this is something that clubs in the U.S. can desperately do. Rather than having to create a website from scratch and find all the bells and whistles you want Pitchero now provides them in one quick stop.

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One of the earlier American adopters in the U.S. is New York Rugby Club. Visitors to New York Rugby Club’s website are greeted with a professionally designed website, with a simple layout, which is easy to navigate. They requested a graphic design from one of Pitchero’s in-house team and the design team did the rest, for no extra charge as part of their Standard package!


In terms of keeping the website up to date - NYRC can designate access to different team admins. This is important because with so many teams, one person doesn’t have to invest all their time in simply adding match reports and photos. Each team admin can do this, saving a huge amount of time.

New York Rugby Club boast a membership of over 750 and can keep track of them all on their Pitchero website. They can obtain a breakdown of their membership so that they can effectively manage the wide variety of people that use their site, whether it be athletes, supporters, coaches or parents.

New York Rugby Club have created an online form so that anybody that wants to become a member of their club can simply fill in the required information and submit their application online. These fields are completely customisable and can be altered depending on whether someone is signing up to be a player, coach or supporter.

Communicating to over 450 members could be a time consuming and expensive challenge for NYRC if they had to use phone calls and text messages. The Pitchero communications tool takes these problems away. NYRC can send a professional e-mail to all, or a tailored section of their membership database within minutes using the easy Pitchero template.


The club also has a buoyant social media presence and make use of the easy connections from Pitchero to Facebook and Twitter in particular.

With such a large membership the treasurer at NYRC could have a tough job, with lots of paperwork and handling large amounts of money. Pitchero, however, take this stress away from her.

The graphic shows all the types of dues that NYRC collect using Pitchero’s secure online system. They can also track who has or hasn’t paid the required fee and in the click of a button they can send an e-mail reminder to those that are outstanding. If needed, this information can be exported as a file so they they can print it for reference.


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