Thursday, April 7, 2016

Suniula's Penguins Beat Ebner's Samurai In HK 10s Final

Both Americans playing in the Hong Kong 10s had successful day two outings for their respective clubs with Shalom Suniula's Penguin side beating Samurai 5-0 in a double overtime final. Both Suniula and Ebner started in that match with both playing big roles for their respective teams. Canadian and San Diego recruit Hubert Buydens also started for Samurai. With both teams having a number of current and former internationals on the roster the quality of play was pretty high and made for a thrilling final (video below).

To reach the final first up for the Samurai was King's College from Queensland. Ebner was big in that match as well as Samurai won 12-7. They then beat the Asia Pacific Dragons, a team featuring Carl Hayman, Jimmy Cowan, and Emosi Vucago, 12-0.  Suniula and the Penguins beat Projecx Waterboys  17-7 in the Cup quarterfinals and then Tradition YCAC 29-14 in the semi-finals. Suniula had a conversion in the match. YCAC had the likes of Mat Turner, Rocky Khan, Joseva Ravouvou, and Sherwin Stowers on their roster.

Take the jump to read more and see video of the final.

Former U.S. age-grade player Sam Sirrel saw his Irish Vikings side beat the XBlades Rowzy Pegasi in the Bowl quarterfinals and then lost to the Pyrenees in the semi-finals.

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