Monday, April 4, 2016

Q&A With Denver Head Coach Sean O'Leary

Continuing our series with Pro Rugby coaches, This Is American Rugby's Derek Sageborn spoke to Denver coach Sean O'Leary about his side.

This Is American Rugby: How has been training been in the first two weeks? I saw from PRP highlights you guys got a lot of snow. Has that restricted on-field work at all?

Sean O'Leary: Great attitude and work rate from the players and staff. Our partnership with The City of Glendale is fantastic. Their stadium crew cleared our training field at Infinity Park under extreme conditions when the three snow storms hit so that we didn't even have to change out schedule. Fabulous crew!

TIAR: How have the players been reacting to being professional rugby players? Any initial thoughts on your roster?

SOL: The initial excitement was so much fun to witness. Their dedication and commitment to our program is beyond reproach. They have struggled but found a way to visualize what might be on the other side. As David Williams said to them, "let's go to the dark side first and then figure out the rest..."
I love our squad! Great mix, fantastic athletes and high Rugby them! I love how they interact and how they have bonded so quickly. Leadership has evolved organically and music selections are typically brilliant!

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TIAR: What are you focusing on in the upcoming weeks?

SOL: Well we had our first hit out this evening and we'll look at the tape later and start correcting and perfecting what we'd like to look like come the regular season.

TIAR: You have a lot of South Africans playing and coaching? Does that bring any cohesion or flavor to the squad?

SOL: Yeah, it's brilliant! Our guys are so engaging and that fabulous accent is energizing!! Pedrie [Wanneburg] has been fantastic since he got here this week and the players look up to him.

TIAR: Related: are you going to be bosh merchants?

SOL: South African rugby players are some of the most skilled players in the world as Ireland will have to address during the Summer! We will create and the find space wherever it presents itself on the field.

TIAR: How much does it help to have Peter Borlase, Dave Williams, and Andre Snyman coaching?

SOL: I can't understand a word they say so it's been brilliant! They are starting to gel and trust, not only me, but each other...Five alpha males in a decision making process!

TIAR: Excited to play at Infinity Park? How is your relationship with the Glendale Raptors and the Denver Barbarians?

SOL: So happy to be playing in Rugbytown USA. The City of Glendale has been an exceptional partner and always willing to work with us during this initial "birthing" process. I truly believe this will be the model as we move into year 4 and 5. We have a great relationship with both clubs...Andre and Pete have been so supportive and the players have gelled so quickly.

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  1. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS!!! I will be driving 7 hrs from Lincoln, NE on Apr 17 just for this game. And I'll be back for ever home match. Consider me your uber-fan.