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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

PRP Power Rankings: Postponements Have An Impact

It's been a couple of weeks since we put out our PRP Power Rankings but thanks to postponements it doesn't have too much of an impact.

1. Glendale Raptors (9-0-0; Last Week: 1; match postponed): The Raptors could have sealed a spot in the Grand Final with a win over SFGG last Saturday but the snow postponed the match that will be replayed on May 7th. The Raptors are still in prime position to clinch in two weeks against Belmont Shore. They should be able to use their PRO Rugby players on Tier III contracts that aren't on the game day roster for Denver. Up next: Bye

2. OMBAC (7-2-0; LW: 2; Bye): OMBAC have a chance to all but clinch their spot in the Grand Final with a win over SFGG in two weeks but first they are going to have to get past Santa Monica. OMBAC put themselves in a position to get there with a win over Olympic Club two weeks back. Up next: Santa Monica

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3. SFGG Rhinos (6-3-0; LW: 3; match postponed): The twisting saga of the Rhinos season continued with a critical match postponement. A lot was riding on SFGG's match against the Raptors and now that is going to have to wait. If they had lost against the Raptors it could have ended their season, now they have a reprieve until they meet OMBAC. Up next: Olympic Club

4. Belmont Shore (5-4-0; LW: 4; beat Santa Monica 54-19): Belmont Shore kept their faint playoff hopes alive over Santa Monica. They are going to need to win out and continue to get help from elsewhere if they want to make the Grand Final. If they slip up against Denver they will be out. Up next: Denver Barbarians

5. Olympic Club (1-6-0; LW: 5; match postponed): Olympic Club were one of the teams that had their match postponed. They can play upset specialists the rest of the year. Up next: SFGG

6. Denver Barbarians (2-5-0; LW: 6; match postponed): See Olympic Club. Up next: Belmont Shore

7. Santa Monica (1-7-0; LW: 7; lost to Belmont Shore 54-19): The Dolphins struggled once again on the defensive side of things.  They really miss Harry Bennett at this point. Up next: OMBAC

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