Friday, April 22, 2016

PRO Rugby Weekend Rosters

Photo: David Barpal

Yesterday San Francisco announced their starting line-up and today the other three teams playing this weekend followed suit. San Diego had last weekend off but this weekend they get underway and will be led by Tonga stalwart Kurt Morath and Canada stalwarts Phil Mackenzie and Hubert Buydens. One name missing from the list is Joe Taufete'e with the assumption that he is injured. Mikey Sosene-Feagai, Brian Doyle, Ryan Matyas, and Mikey Te'o all have caps for the Eagles.

Their opponents Sacramento haven't made many changes tot heir roster. The few changes have Chris Saint starting at scrumhalf over Jope Motokana and Jojo Tikoisuva coming in on the wing. The rest of the squad remains intact from the one that beat San Francisco.

Denver has similarly chosen not to move their roster around too much. The biggest change has Will Magie sliding into fly-half with Max De Achaval at fullback. Timana Tahu has finally arrived with the team and will be on the bench.

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For San Francisco David Tameilau and Orene Ai'i will start for the first time. You can ready more about their changes here.

San Diego

Forwards: Hubert Buydens, Mikey Sosene-Feagai, Sam Taungakava, David Dolinar, Brian Doyle, Nikola Bursic, Cecil Garber, Sione Tuihalamaka

Backs: Charlie Purdon, Kurt Morath, Tim Stanfill, Phil Mackenzie, Ryan Matyas, Pono Haitsuka, Mikey Te'o

Bench: Tim Barford, Epi Kalemani, Kakalia Pule, Tai Tuisamoa, Chris Turori, Tom Bliss, Kalei Konrad, Ben Leatigaga


Forwards: Val Lee-Lo, Ray Barkwill, Ollie Kilifi, Robert Meeson, Siona Sina, Kyle Sumsion, John Quill, Sione Latu

Backs: Chris Saint, Harry Bennett, Ryan Thompson, Alipate Takiveikata, Mirco Bergamasco, Jojo Tikoisuva, Garrett Brewer

Bench: Kali Tavake, Toke Kefu, Richard Knight, Langilangi Haupeakui, Estaphan Tuimasanga, Nemia Qoro, Jope Motokana, Ryan Koewler


Forwards: Luke White, Zach Fenoglio, Ben Tarr, Christian Wiessing, Casey Rock, Logan Collins, Peter Dahl, Pedrie Wannenburg

Backs: Niku Kruger, Will Magie, Michael Al-Jiboori, Ata Malifa, Chad London, Dustin Croy, Max De Achaval

Bench: Nick Wallace, Jake Turnbull Soane Leger, Gannon Moore, Bobby Impson, Mose Timoteo, Mike Garrity, Timana Tahu

San Francisco

Forwards: Maka Tameilau, Jay Finau, Patrick Latu, Siupeli Sakalia, Siaosi Mahoni, Sam Finau, Alec Gletzer, David Tameilau

Backs: Devereaux Ferris, Orene Ai'i, Jack O'Hara, Martini Talapusi, Nick Blevins, Volney Rouse, Jake Anderson

Bench: Tom Coolican, Fancy Namulau'ulu, Codi Jones, Isaac Helu, Junior Helu, Michael Reid, Michael Haley, Charles Mateo


  1. any way to get club affiliation for each player?

  2. There are prior articles regarding players that provide that info.

  3. I find it a bit interesting that Coolican on the bench. He was a beast.