Monday, April 11, 2016

PRO Rugby To Stream Matches On AOL, One World Sports

At last PRO Rugby has announced how fans can watch this year's competition. The matches will be available to stream through or on cable through One World Sports. The league was always going to go in a different directions in terms of broadcast.  The idea is that many millenials, a group PRO Rugby is targeting, and rugby fans are accustomed to finding the sport not on a major network and would like the product to be more mobile. By putting the matches on AOL and One World Sports they achieve that.

UPDATE: The plan is to have all the matches on be free. They are going to show 16 games across both platforms to start and then go from there.

UPDATE II: This came in from a reader: "If anybody has Verizon for a cell phone carrier. They can download the go90 app which is like Verizon's version of free TV. If they type rugby in the search icon. They will be able to watch the San Francisco/ Sacramento match."

While The Rugby Channel was rumored ultimately that avenue didn't make sense for PRO Rugby. From what we understand The Rugby Channel wasn't interesting in paying PRO Rugby for their matches, or if they were it wasn't much. That means that The Rugby Channel could have put the matches behind their pay wall and not send any, or much, of the revenue to PRO Rugby. This way PRO Rugby has more control over revenue.

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AOL certainly isn't what it was in the 90s but it is still a player and moving into PRO Rugby adds another stream they can market. One World Sports is also not a mainstream player but they do offer livestream of NASL matches, basketball leagues from around the world, and other sporting events. They claim to be accessible on multiple platforms, including an app. The station is available in over 30 million homes.

PRO Rugby announced the news via an open letter to fans from league founder Doug Schoninger in which is encouraged fans to support the league:

As our first matches will be played this upcoming Sunday, I want to thank all our fans, players, coaches, and managers for making PRO Rugby's Inaugural Year possible. When I look back on the last year, I can only reflect on how lucky I have been to have met a lot of the people who have been actively and passionately supporting the game in the USA over the previous decades. It is the love and the passion that I have acquired for Rugby Union that I wish to pass on to all Americans. 
I want to give special thanks to our friends at USA Rugby and World Rugby for helping PRO Rugby get to this first step of our journey. I personally pledge that PRO Rugby and I will do our best to continue to build on the solid foundation that they have provided us with. 
I believe that PRO Rugby's Inaugural Year forms a good base that will eventually lead to the USA being a prominent Rugby Union nation. But PRO Rugby's and rugby's American success ultimately rests with you, the FANS. All of us owe it to the game and its players to give our support to the best of our ability. Hopefully most of you can attend a game or two, but even if you can't, we hope you will watch the matches on TV/Streaming, you will educate your non-rugby friends on the greatness of the game, and you will stay involved and supportive of the players and teams. 
So it is with this CALL TO ACTION that I ask all rugby supporters, both in the USA and Worldwide, to support our teams and players in these very important early days. Watch our broadcasted games on either, our worldwide digital live stream partner, or One World Sports, our Cable TV partner, wear rugby gear and talk about our games, players and teams. Let us all show the rugby world, sponsors and media how special rugby is both on and off the field and how committed to its growth in the USA we all are. Every one of our fans is important and your support will give incredible opportunities to all rugby players from the youngest youth player, to the collegiate player, to the club player, and to the PRO Rugby player. 
I thank everyone for their support over the last year and I wish all our fans, players, coaches and managers a great season. 
Doug Schoninger


  1. Holy underwear! AOL is still around?!

  2. Please keep us apprised of how to do this.
    One World Sports seems to be limited to some Google channel.
    I looked on AOL and didn't see how to view their streaming content.

    1. Agreed. I couldn't find anything

    2. Probably need the CD-ROM; there should be one coming with your junk mail or wrapped in plastic in a magazine.

      I managed to find this, but I don't know if it will be where to find the PRO games:

      It doesn't seem to be available on their Roku channel.

  3. One world sports seems to be available on fios. It's channel 597 in NYC market. No info on any rugby in the guide or online though. Seems to be EPL soccer and KHL hockey mostly.

  4. Good Lord, can we see one of these channels telling us how to get access to a stream????

  5. ONE WORLD SPORTS will be showing the SF game this weekend ( sorry cant remember who there playing off the top of my head). OWS mainly shows international leagues of soccer ( asia) hockey ( Russia) and others. obviously not the big name leagues. Rugby is now listed on there website but nothing happens when you click on the Rugby name. I looked it up for Comcast users in my area ( Willamette valley , Corvallis, Albany, Eugene, Salem ) Oregon and nothing. so I tried my parents house, San Jose CA. pretty close to SF, nothing for Directv users. so thus far OWS is very small potatoes. AOL:, got to there sports section and its just short videos to watch and sports news. nothing on how to stream content or that they will be showing anything. on top of that AOL really???

    pretty shitty way to get news out to the FANs. don't get me wrong I'm glad there will be a way to watch games after all but still. at lest give the basics on how to find games on AOL and OWS , just say its mainly for people left out on the east coast. ESPN3 would of been better

  6. Update on ONE World Sports availability on DISH Network:

    Available on Channel 600-5 on packages listed in my conversation with a DISH CSR about the matter:
    Grant Cole: Howdy Cassie. I'm trying to determine if I have access to a channel called One World Sports, which on its website says is on DISH 9794
    Cassie (ID:BGV): For you, it would be on channel 600-5, but you do not subscribe to that channel
    Grant Cole: This is not part of the Sport Pkg that I purchase?
    Cassie (ID:BGV): No, as it shows, this is an International package.
    Cassie (ID:BGV): Here are the packages it is included on
    Filipino: GMA Pinoy ($19.99)
    Filipino: Pinoy Mega ($24.99)
    Japanese: TV Japan ($24.99)
    Mandarin: Great Wall TV ($14.99)
    Mandarin: Elite ($19.99)
    Mandarin: Great Wall TV ($22.99)
    Portuguese: Luso Pack ($29.99)
    Portuguese: Brazil Mais ($34.99)
    Portuguese: Brazil Elite ($39.99)
    Taiwanese: Elite ($19.99)
    Taiwanese: Mega ($29.99)
    Vietnamese: My Viet ($14.99)

    Personally, I will subscribe to MyViet or Great Wall TV for the next four months, then end the subscription.

    However, I would suggest all DISH customers request that ONE Sports World be included with their Total Sports package instead of in some international package that makes zero sense.

  7. Fortunately I have Google Fiber and by purchasing their sports package am able to see One Sports World on channel 251. For some reason the Denver vs Ohio game is not being shown by them this weekend. I tried looking into the AOL option and that was a real headache. Absent any instructions on how to access the streaming service I went to and could not find anything about how to view streaming for any sport. It did give me the option to sign into their web site but when I tried that I was directed to install their "free" desktop program. Foolish me, I assumed it would be fairly simple but 2hours later I still can't uninstall the invasive installer. I would recommend better instructions from Pro Rugby on how to watch games if they really want to grow the league.

  8. Unfortunately this is one game I won't be watching, not that I don't want to but I can't find anything that tells me how to do it. I can't get One World Sports, it's not in my area, and I don't see anything on AOL that tells me how to stream it. Am I missing something?

    If someone knows please give specific instructions how to do it, I would appreciate it and pass it on.

  9. Really hope that I can get the games in the UK. Wish you were using YouTube like so many sports do.

  10. I'm just gonna go ahead and pick Ohio until we get a team closer to GA.

  11. Still unable to find games at AOL. I hope they fix this soon