Tuesday, April 19, 2016

PRO Rugby: Grass Suspended

Arguably the turning point in Saturday's match at Bonney Field was when San Francisco had two players sent to the sin bin close together. The first card came as a result of action on the ground where it appeared that San Francisco lock Nick Grass had his hands in the face of his opposition. While the league still has to weigh in on the situation the team is taking pre-emptive action and suspending Grass for a week. Here is the announcement: 
Following internal review, the San Francisco PRO Rugby staff has suspended player Nick Grass due to a foul play incident during the match against Sacramento last Sunday.
Grass received a yellow card for the incident during the match. Further disciplinary action is pending additional review of the incident. 
“This is going through additional review,” stated San Francisco Coach Paul Keeler. “But we are sending a clear message to all players that foul play has no place in this game and will not be tolerated.”


  1. The suspension is indefinite pending internal review and potential league sanctions.

  2. A highly commendable action. The lad clearly lost his head in the heat of the moment but he is now a pro and a zero tolerance message needs go out to players and spectators loud and clear. How loud and how clear will I suppose depend on the league, and assuming the league will want to remain in good stead with USA Rugby and World Rugby, (presumably the league is accountable to both organizations and will follow disciplinary protocol and procedures) one wonders if the sanction will be a 10 week ban of Chris Ashton proportions?

  3. I think we've seen the last of Grass for the year. The referee gave him a yellow card, but had his back turned when Grass threw a punch. Also, there was clear and intentional contact with the eyes. Bans from World Rugby for eye gouging are 12 weeks minimum, combined with the punch and intent, I'd guess 16 weeks for Grass.

    1. So who runs the disciplinary procedure, the Pro League, USA Rugby or World Rugby?

  4. Good thing we had video of the game. Otherwise this may have been overlooked.

  5. I think we would have to agree that he should be gone for the rest of the season.