Thursday, April 28, 2016

PRO Rugby Power Rankings: San Diego Move First

It's only the second week of the PRO Rugby season and our power rankings but already we have a new leader. After sitting out the first week San Diego impressed in week two and takes over the top spot. Denver stays number two and could move up next week if they beat San Diego. Sacramento drops down to number three.

1. San Diego (1-0-0; LW: 5 but really NR; beat Sacramento 37-24): It was a toss-up for us between San Diego and and Denver for the top spot this week. In the end we went with San Diego because they were very impressive on debut against a good Sacramento side. It was thought that their forwards might struggle but they were better than expected and that allowed their backs to get out and run. Overall, it was a very impressive performance that probably earns them the label as favorites. Up next: Denver

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2. Denver (2-0-0; LW: 2; beat San Francisco 35-18): As mentioned, we nearly gave the top spot to Denver. After all, they are the only team to be 2-0. However, while they were impressive against San Francisco their opposition probably let them down. They may have the best chemistry of any team at this point. Up next: at San Diego

3. Sacramento (1-1-0; LW: 1; lost to San Diego 37-24): Sacramento weren't bad against San Diego but they did let themselves down in key moments. That was disappointing to the team but something that can be fixed. They will have the week off to think about it and recuperate from the first two weeks. Up next: Bye

4. Ohio (0-1-0; LW: 3; Bye): Now that they've had a week to think about how they let their match against Denver get away they will have the opportunity to get back to work against San Francisco. Up next: San Francisco

5. San Francisco (0-2-0; LW: 4; lost to Denver 35-18):  San Francisco has a lot of promise but they've struggled in key areas of the game the first two weeks. The scrum is a definite weakness at this point and defensively they have had the most struggled. They can get out and attack but it's not enough. Up next: at Ohio

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