Thursday, April 21, 2016

PRO Rugby Power Rankings: Sacramento Debut First

Photo: David Barpal

With only five teams it may seem to some as overkill to do power rankings. After all, isn't that what the standings are for. Yes, that's true to a certain degree but power rankings can also show what team is hot at the moment. Even more, PRO Rugby has purposely sought parity. That's going to make this interesting so without further delay here are our inaugural rankings.

1. Sacramento (1-0-0; beat San Francisco 37-25): It was a toss-up for us whether to pick Sacramento or Denver first. In the end we went with Sacramento thanks to their try-scoring output against San Francisco. Yes, we understand that the weather had something to do with Denver's lack of try scoring. At the same time we also chose Sacramento because they were slight underdogs against San Francisco. Up next: San Diego

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2. Denver (1-0-0; beat Ohio 16-13): The conditions limited what Denver wanted to do to a certain degree. They fell behind early but showed good resiliency to bounce back. Maybe the first half was a wake-up call for the team and they rebounded with a better second half. Defensively they also had strong areas although Ohio was their own worst enemy at times. Up next: San Francisco

3. Ohio (0-1-0; lost to Denver 16-13): If Sacramento were underdogs then Ohio probably fit the role better. They had to bring together a lot of players that hadn't played together before in a short period of time. With all of that they took a 13-3 in the match and looked in control for long stretches. Arguably they should have won the game had they been able to finish some of their chances. Up next: Bye

4. San Francisco (0-1-0; lost to Sacramento 37-25): San Francisco played well for stretches on Sunday. They have a very good team led by players like Alec Gletzer, Jake Anderson, and others. Plus, they were playing without the injured David Tameilau. We still think they finish closer to the top of the table when all things are said and done but there are things they need to improve upon. Up next: Denver

5. San Diego (0-0-0; Bye): This should really be a "not ranked" rather than a five as San Diego didn't play last weekend. Up next: Sacramento


  1. If these are power rankings then san fran should be higher

    1. I got no dog in this hunt.

      Ohio has a three point deficit (but missed an arguable four tries to unforced errors).

      SF has a 12 point deficit but powered down in the last 20 minutes of their match.

      It is possible to chalk up at least two of Ohio's missed tries to weather-related issues, but they kept it very close regardless.

      SF's defense laid up after 60 minutes. No team gets a pass for that plus a 12 point loss.

      The Red & Black Big Macks relied on Attack to put up more points than it can prevent. That did not work out so well for them. I think this power ranking, early on, is spot on.