Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Latest PRO Rugby Roster Update

With the season kicking off in just a few days the PRO Rugby rosters are pretty much set. While there is bound to be some change in the next few days, especially as Tier III contract players are brought in to round out rosters, we've been able to gather the most up to date rosters yet.


A few notes to pass along on Ohio. Justin Allen couldn't get a visa and won't be playing this year while Nick Civetta got a contract offer in Europe and PRO Rugby has let him pursue that opportunity, something the league said they will do for nearly all players. That leads Kyle Baillie as the only true lock on the roster but expect others to slide into the position.

Chris Saint is the league's first internal transfer. Facing competition with Robbie Shaw and Shaun Davies he's been shift to Sacramento to provide more depth at scrumhalf there. Not moving teams but moving positions is Peter Malcolm who is being transitioned to hooker. Spike Davis is going to play on the wing, Ahmad Harajly is going to be tested at fullback, and Matt Hughston will be tried at flanker.

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Prop: Demecus Beach, Jamie Mackintosh, Angus MacLellan, Anthony Parry
Hooker: Cam Falcon, Dylan Fawsitt, Chris Schade
Lock: Kyle Baillie
Back-row: Pierce Dargan, Filippo Ferrarini, Chad Joseph, Sebastian Kalm, Dominic Pezzutti, Matt Hughston
Scrumhalf: Robbie Shaw, Shaun Davies
Fly-half: JP Eloff, Taylor Howden, Chris Kunkel
Center: Roland Suniula, Dom Waldouck
Wing: Spike Davis, Alex Elkins, Shawn Riley
Fullback: Zac Mizell, Allan Hanson, Ahmad Harajly


The big news out of Denver is that Ben Landry has been given a temporary release to try out for the Seattle Seahawks. He's already been in one camp and he's been invited back for another. He won't play PRO Rugby until the results of that second camp play out. Denver will also be missing another lock as Casey Rock was withdrawn to focus on other things. Additionally, as mentioned elsewhere Hanco Germishuys will move to hooker when he comes back from Junior All-American camp. Timana Tahu will join the team but not for this weekend. He has his visa but needs to finish one more clerical task before joining up. Brendan Rams was going to play for the team but is injured.

Prop: Chris Baumann, Soane Leger, Ben Tarr, Jake Turnbull, Nick Wallace, Luke White
Hooker: Zach Fenoglio, Hanco Germishuys
Lock: Brodie Orth, Ben Landry (when and if he finishes with the Seahawks)
Back-row: Logan Collins, Peter Dahl, Zac Pauga, Pedrie Wannenburg, Gannon Moore
Scrumhalf: Niku Kruger, Mose Timoteo, Bobby Impson
Fly-half: Will Magie, Max De Achaval, Ata Malifa
Center: Michael Al-Jiboori, Chad London, Mike Garrity, Justin Pauga, Armandt Peens
Wing: Timana Tahu
Fullback: Dustin Croy


Besides having Saint added to the roster Sacramento is pretty much set minus the Tier III players that will come in.

Prop: Toke Kefu, Ollie Kilifi, Val Lee-Lo, James Redday
Hooker: Ray Barkwill, Josh Inong
Lock: Robert Meeson, Sione Sina
Back-row: Ryan Koewler, John Quill, Kyle Sumsion
Scrumhalf: Chris Saint, Jope Motokana, John Holland
Fly-half: Garrett Brewer, Pate Takiveikata
Center: Mirco Bergamasco, Nemia Qoro, Kaliv Tavake, Ryan Thompson
Wing: Rashad Harbor, Jojo Tikoisuva, Fatai Vailala
Fullback: Harry Bennett

San Diego

San Diego is also fairly much set. They are still waiting on a couple of players to sign (local players that we'll leave nameless out of privacy but will include on the list) and a couple more internationals, like Kurt Morath and Jake Ilnicki, are on their way although the team is still waiting on Ilnicki's visa. As noted earlier, Taku Ngwenya won't be with the team until the end of the month. 

Prop: Hubert Buydens, Jake Ilnicki, Sam Taungakava, Sione Tuihalamaka, Jeffrey Kalemani
Hooker: Joe Taufete'e, Mike Sosene-Feagai
Lock: Brian Doyle, Tai Tuisamoa
Back-row: Tim Barford, Jabari Zuberi, Nikola Bursic
Scrumhalf: Tom Bliss, Charlie Purdon
Fly-half: Pono Haitsuka, Kurt Morath, Kalei Konrad
Center: Phil Mackenzie, Andrew Suniula, Ryan Matyas
Wing: Taku Ngwenya, Tim Stanfill, Seb Sharpe, Jean-Baptiste Gobelet
Fullback: Mikey Te'o

San Francisco

San Francisco are going to be down two capped players to start the season. Kingsley McGowan has withdrawn from the team this year due to fatigue while Colin Hawley couldn't make it fit with his work. Additionally, the team has brought in a number of local players, including Isaac Helu, Brendan Daly, and Volney Rouse

Prop: Patrick Latu, Fancy Namulau'ulu, Niko Lolohea, Maka Tameilau
Hooker: Tom Coolican, Jacob Finau, Codi Jones
Lock: Brendan Daly, John Colvill, Siaosi Mahoni, Nick Grass
Back-row: Sam Finau, Alec Gletzer, David Tameilau, Isaac Helu, Siupeli (Steve) Sakalia
Scrumhalf: Devereaux Ferris, Michael Reid
Fly-half: Orene Ai'i, Martini Talapusi, Volney Rouse
Center: Nick Blevins, Michael Haley, Junior Helu
Wing: Jack O'Hara
Fullback: Jake Anderson, Mils Muliaina


  1. Erg, while its selfish of me, hopefully landrys dream of the NFL ends quickly. He was looking like our future at lock.

  2. Then again, the seasons don't overlap, do they?
    What position is Landry suited for in the NFL?
    Not special teams like Ebner?
    And if he had to go to the NFL, Seattle is a great choice, since they espouse rugby-style tackling there.

    1. I think the challenge will come with the NFL practice season. It conflicts with the PRO Rugby schedule.

  3. I don't foresee an NFL team allowing a player to spend his off-season playing 15+ pro and international rugby matches. This isn't the same as Nate Ebner attempting to make the Olympics as a one off event, this would be the norm. That would be a lot of wear and tear on a player, who is likely a fringe player at that. Why chance it when there are literally thousands of other football players out there to choose from? Just my 2 cents.