Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How To Start A Touch Rugby Club

Touch Rugby is taking off across the country. Led by USA Touch the game is moving from a sometime thing in the park to a formal set of leagues across the country capped off by a large national championship. This year's tournament will be held the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, Florida next October.

We were curious what someone would have to do to start a touch league in their area if they were interested so we reached out to USA Touch boss OJ Hawea for some answers. In talking with Hawea it was clear that there were multiple things the organization was doing to make the process of starting a team simpler and more attainable for most.

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"What we are trying to roll out this year with our new membership process is have an insurance policy in place to allow clubs to rent fields under the USA Touch banner once a club becomes a member." Insurance is a big obstacle to not just Touch but any rugby playing organization, as U.S.A. Rugby will certainly tell you. By having everything centralized those starting a league will know that they have that covered with their fees

Additionally, Hawea noted that with Touch being a relatively new game in America that coaching was an area of focus. "We have a new coaching platform we plan on rolling out in April where we will cover in depth the basics of the FIT game and have course accreditation for coaches to continue to upskill. That will allow coaches to get a good idea of how the basic platform of the game should look like. I guess everyone plays touch, but the FIT game is very systematic.

"Along with learning the game on the field, it's just as important to have the referee setup where officiating the game becomes part of what we develop. We have referee certification available also where we can give accreditation to referees to manage the games."

One of the benefits of having a touch league in your area is that players will be able to move forward to playing at nationals as well as in the world championship in Australia.

If you are interested in playing touch but not sure if there is a league near you the USA Touch website has a place where you can find other players in your area. Further, USA Touch is working with Canterbury to provide new clubs balls and equipment.

What a year we had with #TWC2015 and finishing with the 2015 USA Touch Nationals - our 2016 event will be October 13-16 back at the ESPN Wide World of Sports - see you there!
Posted by USA Touch Rugby on Monday, December 28, 2015

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