Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hong Kong 7s: Eagles Player Grades

We're a bit later than usual with our player grades from Hong Kong but here they are! Although the Eagles will be disappointed with their Plate final against England and their Cup quarterfinal against South Africa but besides that they had a great tournament. That should be taken into consideration when handing out grades.

Ben Pinkelman (7): Another strong tournament from Pinkelman. He's still so young but you can tell that he's going to be a staple not only in 7s but in 15s for a very long time. One of the best things about Pinekelman that he showed during Hong Kong was his rugby awareness. He was pointing his teammates to spots he wanted them to go and he was masterful at adjusting to win restarts.

Danny Barrett (7.5): Barrett = Beast. All you needed to see was his highlight trucking a couple of Argentine players. It was good to have Barrett back in fine form. His work at the breakdown is also strong.

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Garrett Bender (5.5): Bender had a decent tournament--he was feisty once again--but he also had moments where he might have taken it to another level. In particular, it's at the end of the tournament that he needed to step up. Still, it's hard to knock him too much.

Zach Test (5.5): You can tell that Test was adjusting to coming off the bench. He's a competitor and you could see it on his face against England that he was upset the match was going the way it was. Look for Test to step up and have a massive tournament in Singapore..

Pete Tiberio (6): Tiberio didn't play a ton in the tournament but when he did he was solid.

Folau Niua (8): We felt that Niua had one of the best tournaments for the Eagles. His kicking and playmaking are in fine form at the moment. He doesn't get the recognition for the work he puts in, especially defensively.

Maka Unufe (5.5): Like Test, it was an adjustment for Unufe to come back into the team and then come off the bench at times. He was effective but maybe not as productive as he would like.

Nate Augspurger (6.5): Augspurger was another player to see spot duty. Once again he came in and filled his role. If any of the regular starters were to go down Augspurger could step in and play well.

Madison Hughes (7): Hughes had a good tournament. He showed up in good spots and he was able to rack up the points. Defensively he was also in the right positions at the right time. At the same time, he's another player to could step up in moments like against England.

Perry Baker (7.5): With Carlin Isles out of the line-up Baker stepped in and scored a bunch of tries. It wasn't a perfect tournament but it was very, very good.

Martin Iosefo (6): Iosefo has a lot of strengths but he needs to recognize what exactly works for him and play to it more. That said, it was still another strong tournament for Iosefo.

Nate Ebner (NR): Ebner didn't make it on to the pitch during the tournament.


  1. Augspurger a 6.5 ??? I can only conclude that you did not watch the final v England because Augspurger was completely responsible for giving up 2 tries in a game which his team lost 3 tries to nil.

    He missed a first up tackle on the opening kickoff that resulted in an instant try. He over committed and was completely burned - a tackle that Nate Ebner makes in his sleep.

    Then he totally overthrew a lineout on the US 5 meter line, basically handling the Poms another try.

    Cmon man, a grade of 3.5 is more like it.

  2. I think your ratings are fair for the most part, but Madison Hughes' goalkicking wast atrocious from what I saw. I'm not sure that I saw him make a conversion that wasn't directly beneath the posts.

  3. Ben pinkleman is 28, how is that so young? And you think he'll be there for a very long time...like till he's 40yo?

    1. No, he's not. He played with the Junior All-Americans in 2013.

  4. "At the same time, he's another player to could step up in moments like against England."
    That doesn't seem fair considering that Madison Hughes didn't play in the game against England...