Monday, April 4, 2016

DI-A & Varsity Cup Match-ups, Dates

With the DI-A announcing their playoff match-ups today the path is clear to see who is going to win college rugby's two biggest prizes. Top seeded Life, second place St. Mary's, Indiana, and Utah--the latter two both conference winners--will get a bye in the first round of the playoffs and won't host matches until April 23rd.

The first round begins on April 16th with San Diego State hosting Davenport, LSU hosting Arizona, Air Force hosting Cal Poly, and Lindenwood hosting Wheeling Jesuit. Some of those matches should be closer to toss-ups while others, especially those involving Davenport and Lindenwood should be straightforward. In all likelihood Life will play Davenport in the second round and Indiana will play Indiana. Utah will host the winner of Arizona-LSU and St. Mary's will host the winner of Cal Poly-Air Force.

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There are potential conflicts for both Utah and Air Force. They also play each other in the first round of the Varsity Cup this weekend. If Air Force beats Utah that will put them into the Varsity Cup quarterfinals, the same day they are set to host Cal Poly. How that works out if that scenario unfolds is still up in the air.

If Utah wins they would then have to beat the winner of UCLA-Central Washington (likely the Wildcats) to have a conflict. That would put them in the Varsity Cup semi-finals the same day as they would host either Arizona or LSU. If Utah beats Air Force in the first round this weekend and then loses to what should be Central Washington it's a mute point and each team can play in each competition.

As mentioned, the Varsity Cup begins this weekend with what should be some very straightforward matches and almost certain blowouts. The only matches that should be relatively close are Clemson-Arkansas State, Air Force-Utah, and maybe UCLA-Central Washington.

No word yet on whether any of the matches will be streamed.

Here is a combined list separated by weekend:

April 9th

Varsity Cup

BYU @ Arizona State
Penn State @ Dartmouth
Clemson @ Arkansas State
Notre Dame @ Navy
Texas @ Cal
Oklahoma @ Army
UCLA @ Central Washington
Air Force @ Utah

April 16th


Davenport @ SDSU
Arizona @ LSU
Cal Poly @ Air Force
Wheeling Jesuit @ Lindenwood

Varsity Cup

Quarterfinal #1 (likely BYU vs. Penn State)
Quarterfinal #2 (Clemson/Arkansas State vs. Notre Dame/Navy)
Quarterfinal #3 (likely Cal vs. Army)
Quarterfinal #4 (likely Central Washington vs. Utah)

April 23rd

Davenport (likely) @ Life
Arizona/LSU @ Utah
Cal Poly/Air Force @ St. Mary's
Lindenwood (likely) @ Indiana

Varsity Cup

Semi-final #1 (likely BYU vs. Quarterfinal #2 winner)
Semi-final #2 (likely Cal vs. Central Washington)

April 30th

DI-A Semi-final #1 (likely Life vs. Lindenwood)
DI-A Semi-final #2 (likely Utah vs. St. Mary's)

May 7th

DI-A Final (likely St. Mary's vs. Life in Moraga)

Varsity Cup Final (likely BYU vs. Cal in Salt Lake)

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