Friday, April 8, 2016

College Top Ten: It's About To Get Interesting

With some teams taking the week off and others registering blowout wins there isn't a lot of change in our College Top Ten this weekend. however, that could easily change next week as some of the teams in our rankings go head to head.

1. BYU (Last Week: 1; beat Utah 49-12): The Cougars warmed-up for the Varsity Cup with a victory over Utah for the Wasatch Cup. The Utes made them work for it but the Cougars look nearly unstoppable this year. This weekend they start their Varsity Cup drive against Arizona State. It should be another big win. Up next: Arizona State (Varsity Cup first round)

2. Life (LW: 2; beat Davenport 34-0): In the snowy conditions Life finished their sweep through the Mid-South with a win over Davenport. Life are coming on strong at the right time but will have to wait a couple of weeks before they can begin their post-season. Up next: Bye

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3. Cal (LW: 3; bye): Cal had the weekend off to get ready for this weekend's Varsity Cup match against Texas. Like BYU vs. Arizona State, this should be a blowout. Up next: Texas (Varsity Cup first round), Santa Clara

4. St. Mary's (LW: 4; beat Santa Clara 100-25): Another easy win for St. Mary's with the post-season coming up. They are going to get another good test as they play Cal Poly this week. They have arguably had the toughest schedule in the country this year and that is going to pay off over the next month. Up next: Cal Poly

5. Lindenwood (LW: 5; bye): The Lions continue to have some time off as they rest up for the playoffs. They will get back at it this week against Davenport. However, while they may have some of their Junior All-Americans available this week they are going to miss them in the weeks to come. Up next: Davenport

6. Central Washington (LW: 6; bye): The Wildcats were scheduled to play Air Force last weekend but that match had to be postponed. That's too bad because it would have given the team a runout before their match against UCLA this weekend. Up next: UCLA (Varsity Cup first round)

7. Indiana (LW: 7; bye): Indiana continue their up and down schedule with a week off last weekend and a match against Southern Indiana this weekend. They are a good team but need to prove themselves. Up next: Southern Indiana

8. Penn State (LW: NR; beat Clemson 52-29): We've somehow overlooked Penn State this year but they are putting together a great season. They've been some tough opponents and will be favorites over Dartmouth this weekend in the Varsity Cup. Up next: Dartmouth (Varsity Cup first round)

9. UCLA (LW: 8; bye): The Bruins have had some time off since their win over Utah. They have a lot of talent but they need to play their best to beat the top teams. Up next: Central Washington (Varsity Cup first round)

10. Utah (LW: 9; lost to BYU 49-12): The Utes put up a hard effort against BYU but didn't have the depth to compete. That said, they can be menaces in the Varsity Cup, especially in the first few rounds. Up next: Air Force (Varsity Cup first round)

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