Thursday, April 28, 2016

College Top Ten: Clash Of The Titans

Things are finally beginning to shake around in our College Top Ten. After a couple of rounds of playoff play the top teams have confirmed themselves while others are on the move.

1. BYU (Last Week: 1; beat Arkansas State 68-20): Just when it was thought that the Cougars would be challenged they demolished Arkansas State. It was just the latest in an impressive run of results for the Cougars and firmly establishes them as the top team in the country. Even though their are split national championships there is only going to be an argument that BYU are the best team in the country if Cal beats them or Life makes the DI-A final and blows away the competition. Up next: Cal (Varsity Cup final on May 7th)

2. Life (LW: 2; beat Davenport 44-0): Life are looking equally impressive. Yes, Davenport had to travel across the country twice in a short time span but Life were still there to take advantage. They haven't been able to play the same amount of games as the teams out West due to geography so there is still a bit of a mystery around Life but that should go away this weekend as they play Lindenwood. Up next: Lindenwood (DI-A semi-finals)

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3. Cal (LW: 3; beat Central Washington 14-13): Cal barely survived a good Central Washington team last weekend but they did survive and they deserve credit for that. It hasn't been in the smoothest of seasons so far for Cal but that's what happens when you come with big expectations. Now that all is mostly said and done they are in the Varsity Cup final and have a shot at a win. Up next: BYU (Varsity Cup final on May 7th)

4. St. Mary's (LW: 4; beat Air Force 77-17): The Gaels did have the advantage of playing an Air Force team that had played the day before. However, they likely would have run up a big result regardless. Like Cal, it's been an up and down season for St. Mary's. Maybe that's due to more competitiveness in college rugby? Let's hope so. Up next: Utah (DI-A semi-finals)

5. Central Washington (LW: 6; lost Cal 14-13): The Wildcats had a chance to beat Cal had they been able to make their kicks. Chalk one up to a lesson learned. If any team has the chance to break into the "big four" of college rugby it's Central Washington. They are well coached and have terrific athletes. Now if they could only get more high-level matches. Up: Season Finished

6. Lindenwood (LW: 5; beat Indiana 36-28): The Lions move down a notch this week not so much on their efforts but on how well Central Washington performed. The Lions have a shot to beat Life but they are going to need to make up for some players missing to U-20 duty and play the game of their lives. Up next: Life (DI-A semi-finals)

7. Indiana (LW: 7; lost to Lindenwood 36-28): We had Indiana seventh in our last rankings but that was with hesitation not knowing how they would perform against one of the top teams. That hesitation disappeared with their close loss to Lindenwood. Too bad they couldn't have played better competition throughout the year. Up next: CRC

8. Utah (LW: 10; beat Arizona 36-14): After being bounced out of the Varsity Cup by Central Washington the Utes rebounded with a big win over Arizona. They face a very tough task against St. Mary's next but you have to give Utah a lot of credit for challenge themselves and improving as a result. Up next: St. Mary's (DI-A semi-finals) 

9. Arkansas State (LW: NR; lost to BYU 68-20): We would have had Arkansas State higher but their loss to BYU was big and when you look at their previous Varsity Cup wins they came against teams that are good but not elite. Up next: CRC

10. UCLA (LW: 9; Season Finished): UCLA finished up their 15s season with a loss to Central Washington a few weeks back. Up next: CRC


  1. I don't think Cal has a shot at beating BYU. Even in years prior where Cal was more dominant and BYU less dominant, Cal couldn't get it done. I think they lose by 15 plus points.

  2. byu should be competing in a men's league. they regularly have a 30 year old playing lock along with 24-27 year olds in their lineup. pathetic

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