Friday, April 29, 2016

College All-Americans Summer Plans Coming Together

Summer plans are coming into place for the College All-Americans. From what TIAR understands there are three options currently on the table for a team. One involves an overseas tour, another involves a U.S. camp with a match against an overseas team, and the other involves a U.S. camp with an intersquad match.

The first, and what we understand, primary option for the team is touring to a Southern Hemisphere country later in the summer. This tour would involve matches against one or two local sides, including possibly against a team similar to the level of the National Rugby Championship, ITM Cup/Heartland Championship, or Currie Cup/Vodacom Cup. Additionally, a few select players would have the opportunity to train further with whatever team that is after the tour is over.

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The second option on the table is having the team stay in the U.S. and play a visiting team from Europe. This would not be the first team of whatever European team but more their academy or ‘B’ side. This match and match might also coincide with the Eagles Selects playing the first team of whatever team comes over. After all, what European club team doesn’t want a piece of the U.S. at this point?

The last option is similar to what the team did last year in the Stars & Stripes camp. This not only brought together the College All-Americans but also the Junior All-Americans as well. Like last year this would involve an intrasquad scrimmage. Like in scenario ‘A,’ some select players may get the opportunity to train further overseas.

Obviously the first or second options are the preferred choices but like with everything it comes down to money. An overseas tour costs a lot of money and without a big sponsor it can’t happen. Without a sponsor none of these options could happen. We should know soon which option will be used in the next month.

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