Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Atlanta 7s: Eagles Player Grades

Our grades for the Atlanta 7s are in. With only a loss to eventual champions Australia it's hard to find flaws in the team's play.

Jillion Potter (7): The captain had another strong tournament. Whether it's starting or coming off the bench she leads with her example.

Megan Bonny (7): We thought that Bonny had an excellent tournament. She is one of the core group of players that can be trusted to start every match and produce for the whole 14 minutes.

Kate Zackary (6): Zackary parlayed her play in the Vegas and Vancouver tournaments to a strong showing in Atlanta. That's what development tournaments are for and Zackary took advantage.

Meya Bizer (5): Bizer did well in her debut. It's taking some adjusting from 15s but you can tell she is going to contribute for years to come.

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Ryan Carlyle (7.5): Carlyle showed how much of a veteran presence she brings with a lot of the dirty work. She was even singled out by head coach Richie Walker during one halftime in which she saved a try with her positioning.

Nicole Heavirland (7): In her debut Heavirland was outstanding. She's a great rugby player that provides a spark for the team.

Alev Kelter (8): Kelter deservedly made the Dream Team in Atlanta and was our player of the tournament. She's gone from a crossover to one of the best players on the Series in just a couple of years. The sky is the limit for her and this summer's Olympics are going to be her breakout party.

Bui Baravilala (7): Baravilala was on a tear over the weekend. When the team needed a voice to propel them on it was Baravilala getting them pumped. Her aggressiveness paid off and fueled her teammates.

Lauren Doyle (7.5): The Eagles were grateful to have Doyle back. She proved once again how valuable she is to the team with a number of timely tries and defensive plays. He brings an added dimension to the team that other teams simply don't know how to handle.

Richelle Stephens (6): Stephens didn't see a lot of time during the tournament. However, she did score a couple of tries and for a very young player showed good poise.

Kristen Thomas (5): A relatively quiet tournament for Thomas as she gave way to other players. She still found her moments but wasn't as effective.

Jessica Javelet (6): Javelet is a hot or cold player. She is valuable because she can turn a try out of nothing. You can't understate how much that can do to win a match. Just look at the result against New Zealand. At the same time, she still has a ways to go to learn as a rugby player. Too often she puts the team at a disadvantage when she's tackled because she needs more strength.

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