Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Who Is Going To Make The DI Playoffs?

The men's and women's club playoffs are fast approaching and while some leagues are just returning from their winter breaks, others are entering the final stretch after several months of play. We thought it would be a perfect time to check in to see where things stand in the playoff picture.

Pacific North #1 vs. Pacific South #1

As things stand right now, this is looking solidly like the Life West Gladiators. They are going to lose some players to PRO Rugby, but they have easily been the top team in NorCal this year storming through play with a +424 point differential. They will have to get past Santa Rosa from the North division, as well as ORSU who were the top team in the Pacific Northwest. ORSU could still be caught with the Eastside Tsunami. There are only two more weeks left in the Pacific North and about the same number of games in the Northwest.

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Things are close in the Pacific South with the Old Aztecs currently holding a four point lead over OMBAC. Belmont Shore are also still in it, down eight points. Since losing their opening match to crosstown rivals OMBAC, the Old Aztecs have been on a tear, including a re-match win over OMBAC. With a stretch of very winnable games coming up and OMBAC losing some players to PRO Rugby, we could have a Life West vs. Old Aztecs playoff match.

Red River #2 vs. Red River #1 (this match is being reviewed by the competitions committee)

Barring something unforeseen and shocking over roughly the next month, the Austin Black and the Dallas Reds are going to finish in the playoffs. Right now the Blacks hold the advantage of just three points for first place. A match between the two sides on April 30th could decide who finishes first.

Midwest #1 vs. Atlantic North #2

The Midwest is going to get out of its slumber in a few weeks and right now the battle is between Metropolis and the Chicago Lions to finish first. Both teams are going to lose key players to PRO Rugby, but at the same time have the depth to compete. The Lions have a perfect record of 9-0 and can surpass Metropolis when they play their match in hand.

The Midwest winner will be going up against the strong Atlantic North division. Old Blue currently occupy the top spot in the DI standings (Life has a lead in the ARP standings) with a narrow three point margin over Mystic River. Right now this match would be Metropolis versus Mystic River, a solid, solid match.

Atlantic North #1 vs. Mid-Atlantic #1

As mentioned, this would be Old Blue and they would be playing Rocky Gorge, a newcomer to DI play, but a team that does have the Cima brothers. Rocky Gorge have a big eight point lead over Schuylkill River with a game in hand. The Spring season just got underway and the team has a whole months of matches to go before claiming victory.

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  1. Gorge should probably be in the ARP. If they play OB, it will be a great matchup.