Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Walker In, McCoy Out As Women Eagles 7s Coach

With only months before the Olympics in Rio and just over half a year since the team parted ways with Ric Suggitt the Women Eagles 7s are making another coaching change. Jules McCoy is out and former assistant coach Richie Walker is in. Chris Ryan, an assistant coach brought in by McCoy just a few months ago is also out. Alleged player dissatisfaction with McCoy is the reason she was let go from her contract. Similar complaints led to Suggitt's dismissal last summer after guiding a transformed side, one with successful crossovers like Alev Kelter, to the cusp of the top four on the Series and an Olympic qualifying berth.

In only two tournaments McCoy and her team had mixed results. They finished 11th in Dubai in what was generally viewed as a very disappointing performance but finished 4th in Brazil. The Falcons lost in the semi-finals in Vegas and were subsequently led by Andrew Locke in Vancouver where they lost every match.

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By going with the experienced Walker the team will have a coach the players are familiar with and trust. Walker has seen a lot of success at the club level leading several teams to national championships and can step in right away.

Walker may have lots of positives but he is going to have his hands full reshaping a team only months before the Olympics. As with any coaching change their has been turnover on the roster and it's going to be up to Walker to get them all on the same page. The team has the Atlanta 7s in just a few weeks and after that only two more tournaments, with the possibility of a couple of warm-up tournaments, to get ready for the Olympics.

Questions will also be asked if a similar situation happened on the men's team whether the result would have been the same this close to the Olympics. The decision to let Suggitt go last summer was controversial and letting another coach go for similar reasons says a lot about the state of the program, specifically potential neglect in letting the situation reach this point or in not thoroughly conducting a coaching search after Suggitt was let go. 


  1. All I am saying is that if it keeps happening Coach after Coach, perhaps it isn't the Coaches that are the whole problem. Sure USAR has a really slimy record when it comes to managing the women's teams, but Suggitt was a solid hire, and McCoy was too. Finishing 11th in Dubai a mere few weeks after being hired on to revamp the team is hardly surprising. Their performance improved a lot after that. Perhaps, and this is only my opinion based on everything I have read, it seems like the real problem is within the player ranks.

  2. You might not be off, but it's got to be issues across the board. No one side is at fault.

  3. This player revolt thing is not true for either case. Lots of speculation in this article without proper knowledge.

  4. If the player revolt thing is not true for either case then why the firing of both coaches? No one seems to be providing transparency.