Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Best Tries From The LVI

By Pitchero

This weekend Pitchero have been at the Las Vegas Invitational, capturing the best tries from three days of outstanding Rugby 7s.

Thanks to our revolutionary app Pitchero Play, here are some of the finest tries from the America's Cup and Women's Elite tournaments.

Froggies Midol - America's Cup Semi-Final
We're actually going to start with what we think is the finest try of the entire America's Cup. And it came from eventual runners-up Froggies Model.

Left with few options isolated on the wing, a pitch-perfect chip over the defence leads to foot race with only one outcome - a semi-final try for Froggies.

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France - Women's Elite Final
Switching over to the Women's tournament, France were eventually crowned champions thanks to the skills shown in this next try.

The French display quick-ball and fast hands as they bare down on the GB try line, scoring a vital try on their way to victory in the final.

Daveta Fiji - America's Cup Semi-Final
If anyone asks to see a quintessential rugby sevens try, then look no further than this surging effort from Daveta Fiji.

The powerful break through the USA Falcons' defense is matched by a sublime tumbling pass, allowing the move to continue down the wing and a try to be scored.

Cayman Islands - America's Cup Bowl Final

Given the reduced amount of players on a sevens pitch, tries can literally come from anywhere.

Take this Cayman Islands score for example. From a seemingly innocuous position in their own half, an excellent side-step opens up the defense and raw pace does the rest.

Maple Leafs - Women's Elite Semi-Final
When you've spent hours on the training field practising intricate set-plays, the rewards when it comes off on the field are immense.

The Maple Leafs switch the ball from right to left and back again in search of a break, with Great Britain Selects once again on the wrong side of some excellent 7s play.

Stars Rugby - America's Cup Plate Final

One for the purists next - as Plate winners Stars Rugby get their name in the spotlight.

A flowing move sees ball pass through hands with pace and precision, before an outstanding offload allows the Stars to storm over the line.

Great Britain Selects - Women's Elite Final

Finally, GB get themselves on the right side of the scoresheet - and with arguably the best try of the lot.

Despite an unfortunate fall just yards from the try line, a superb recovery allows a GB attacker to regain momentum and slip off a pin-point pass to a supporting player.

USA Falcons - America's Cup Final
Where better place to end than with the winners of the America's Cup. This USA Falcons score comes straight from their victory over Froggies Midol in the final.

Featuring some dazzling footwork on the wing, a number of tacklers are left in the Falcons' wake - leading to an excellent score.

All the tries from Las Vegas Invitational 7s
Has this countdown merely wetted your appetite for more glorious rugby 7s action? We've got 600 clips from every corner of the Las Vegas Invitational tournament, and you can see every single one of them here.

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