Thursday, March 10, 2016

South Panthers Ready For St. Paddy's Tournament

The South Panthers haven't been involved in much Caribbean action this Spring with most island nations involved in World Cup qualifying. However, the is once again headed to the Savannah St. Patrick's Day Tournament this weekend. While there are some new names on the team they have also capped in a few younger players as they look to build for the future.

Squad: Yousef Ali (Atlanta Renegades), Bryan Baiss (Tampa Bay Krewe), Lucas Baistrocchi (Boston), Tyler Bishop (Tallahassee), Zach Blalock (Birmingham), Jonathan Brewi (Memphis), John Bryant (Charleston), Dana Corcoran (U of South Carolina), Alex Czajkowski (Richmond), Jonathan Dickson (Atlanta Old White), Daniel Falkner (Appalachian St.), Jarrett Gartin (North Atlanta), Joseph Jackson (Atlanta Renegades), Ben Lopata (Louisiana Tech), Matt Mendelsohn (Columbia), Zach Miller (North Atlanta), Rashaud Moore (Georgia Southern U), Alex Nazon (Charleston), Ron Omondi (Atlanta Old White) Gerald Roettger (Charleston) Ben Rogers (Charleston) Thomas Savoie (Louisiana Tech) Todd Sherer (Columbia) Chris Sigmund (Charleston), Daniel Stokes (Atlanta Old White), Calvin Storey (Raleigh)

Rene Daniel (Head Coach), Francesco Balsas (Coach), Renaldo Arroya (Coach ), Dave Conyers (Coach), Sean Borman (Medical,) Wes Darwin (Video),  Kevin Kitto (Mgt), Gary Kent (Mgt)

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