Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Q&A: The Call For Questions

We're less than a month away from PRO Rugby starting, the Americas Rugby Championship is complete, and the Eagles 7s have wrapped up Vegas and Vancouver. Throw in what looks like a coaching change for the Women Eagles 7s and the club and college season heating up and there should be lots of questions for you to ask.

As always, submit your questions to us via a comment on this post, on Twitter, or on Facebook. Please submit your question by this Friday at 5:00 p.m. pt. 


  1. What are the avenues that the PRO are looking at taking in terms of broadcasting their games? They have said online channel, once on the FB page they said TV, another time they said both. Any chance of clearing away some of the fog on this?

  2. I read on another site that John Quill had retired from international rugby, though I never saw this officially announced. Is there any truth to this? Has there been anybody else who has quietly bowed out? (I know Wyles, Smith, LaValla, ect)

    Also, any word on Seamus Kelly? He has been quiet since the World Cup and was a player I was excited to see grow.

  3. Is Seamus Kelly waiting a year for a side closer to home?

  4. Can we see a comparison of teams by position?
    I'd like to start with a comparison of halfbacks, then move to the other positions.
    Ultimately ranking each team according to position (i.e. Ohio is ranked 1 for halfbacks, 3 for centers, etc., adding together the rankings to arrive at the best team (projected) this way.
    Similar analysis based on age and caps.

  5. What is PRORugby's concussion protocol?
    What technology are they employing (BrainBand, etc.) to diagnose hits on the field, then post-game?
    Are they working with any universities and/or research programs to help develop a concussion test that can be used on the field or as part of a head injury assessment?
    I'd love to see PRORugby aggressively working with technologists and researchers to show the world what we can do - that we have the *will* to shape our game, in training, technique or technology - to control this element of the game.

  6. Would ProRugby be willing to work with interns (I know several) to up their social media presence? Be more responsive to comments made?
    They are so stiff and formal right now - that's no way to get the fans engaged, as compared to *enraged* as some are at the slow trickle of information.
    If someone were to create a ProRugby fan page to do just that, would ProRugby shut them down?

  7. Tickets.
    What is going to happen this year, next year?
    This year I imagine tickets will be sold at the gate. It's too late to get a web page going that will be sufficiently robust to handle all the options available (single tickets, season tickets, group ticketing, press credentials, merchandise sales).
    Next year? Will they be working with EventBrite or a similar vendor to provide all the options?

  8. For the two opening games (Denver, Sacramento), I'm assuming a press conference to start, a Captain's run, the game.
    Will there be some kind of post-game celebration that fans can attend?

  9. Given the secrecy of the whole operation and that the rugby public has been drip fed information on a seemingly need to know basis one can one muse that the string pullers are at this stage on an anything is better than nothing plan?

  10. Any leads on applicants for the next USA Rugby CEO position? US or foreign? Will they hire internally?

  11. Some questions for you, some you may be able to ask others in future interviews.

    Any word on how Ebner is acclimatizing to the OTC? Saw him in an Instagram video from the team. He'll need to knock off the rust in real tournaments if he has any chance. Do you think they'll name him to the Travelling side for a leg? Or maybe have him play in another high level tournie?

    For PRO coach interviews: any teams planning to scrimmage local clubs or universities before the season starts? Probably need a chance to play together and identify problems.

    A Paul Keeler interview mentioned that Michael Haley got signed because of his combine performance. Do we have any details on which guys got identified via the combines? I don't think Joe Taufetee counts.

    Any rumors regarding additional tests this June? 2 seems like a small schedule

  12. Now that Super Rugby is available to US fans via ESPN, what do US fans make of this league? Is this the style of game that will appeal to Americans? More so that say the Aviva Premiership style (London Irish vs Saracens)? Japan and Argentina have made ground over the US in part through emulating and studying deeply (and now joining) Super Rugby - your thoughts, Curtis?