Thursday, March 3, 2016

PRP Power Rankings: Top, Bottom Sides Separating

There are no change in our rankings this week but teams have solidified their places. The Glendale Raptors are definitively number one. Behind them are SFGG, Belmont Shore, and OMBAC. All three teams will be angling for a spot in the final with some big matches coming up after the Vegas 7s break.

1. Glendale Raptors (4-0-0; Last Week: 1; bye): The Glendale Raptors had the weekend off which combined with this week's Vegas 7s will give them two weeks off before they resume play. That's good rest time for the team as they gear up for the final two thirds of the season. Up next: Belmont Shore

2. SFGG Rhinos (4-1-0; LW: 2; beat Olympic Club 39-17): The SFGG Rhinos had to work for it over an improving Olympic Club side but it was a win nonetheless. PRO Rugby is likely to have a major impact on the Rhinos but they have the depth to continue to compete. They face a huge match-up against OMBAC when the teams come back from the break. Up next: at OMBAC

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3. Belmont Shore (3-1-0; LW: 3; beat Denver 24-17): After dropping their first match of the season to the Rhinos Belmont Shore have won three straight. They are showing themselves a team to be reckoned with the next half of the season. If they can beat SFGG in the return fixture and then grab a surprise win here and there they could find themselves in the final. Up next: at Glendale Raptors

4. OMBAC (3-1-0; LW: 4; beat Santa Monica 48-10): Like Belmont Shore OMBAC are finding their footing. Their only loss on the year is to the Raptors, something most teams will likely do this year. How San Diego's PRO Rugby team impacts OMBAC will be key to the rest of the season. Do they have the depth to surpass SFGG or Belmont Shore? Up next: SFGG

5. Denver Barbarians (1-3-0; LW: 5; lost to Belmont Shore 24-17): The Barbarians are showing signs of improvement but it's still their third loss of the season. Michael Al-Jiboori is becoming a real find for the team and is so far the breakout player of the year. Up next: Santa Monica

6. Olympic Club (0-5-0; LW: 6; lost to SFGG 39-17): Olympic Club were the only team to play in all five weeks to start the season and unfortunately for them they come away with an 0-5 record. That's too bad as the team has played good rugby at times and showed improvement over last year. They will now have two weeks off to regroup. Up next: Bye

7. Santa Monica Dolphins (0-4-0; LW: 7; lost to OMBAC 48-10): Probably no team in the competition is looking forward to the Vegas 7s break more than Santa Monica. The Dolphins have struggled to find their footing this year with their lowest score given up beating 39 points in their opener. They have also been shut out twice and their offense has sputtered. Up next: at Denver Barbarians


  1. The PRP teams will be affected by PRO Rugby, but it's those club's D1 teams (or the first side under the PRP) that will really feel the effects.

  2. ALL top Clubs in the USA are being adversely affected by this situation. A for profit company, owned by one person has "drafted" our best players to isolate them for 3 months playing each other, only to sit and wait for the restart next March or for 23 of them to join Eagles. How is this going to be thwarted going forward? Is your club just a feeder for these guys? The Clubs have been the backbone of USA rugby and deservedly should remain so.