Thursday, March 31, 2016

PRP Power Rankings: The Shuffle Continues

It was another weekend in the PRP and another tight week as teams push for the final two spots. Glendale remains the team to beat but with Belmont Shore beating SFGG this week it looks like OMBAC has the inside track for a spot in the final.

1. Glendale Raptors (7-0-0; Last Week: 1; beat Olympic Club 60-22): Another week and another big win for the Raptors. Even without some of their players lost to PRO Rugby the Raptors continue to roll. They still have three more matches at home, including one each against OMBAC and SFGG, which could see them lock up a spot in the finals with two weeks to spare. Up next: OMBAC

2. OMBAC (6-1-0; LW: 2; beat Denver Barbarians 49-3): OMBAC are proving that they belong the final and gained a lot of space thanks to their win over Denver and SFGG's loss to Belmont Shore. They now have a seven point lead for the second spot. Players like Tai Tuisamoa, Zach Pangelinan, and Brian Doyle are coming on strong at the right time. Up next: Glendale

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3. Belmont Shore (4-3-0; LW: 5; beat SFGG 27-22): Seemingly left for dead in the hunt for the playoffs Belmont Shore picked up an important win over SFGG. They still face an uphill road but with matches coming up against Olympic Club, Santa Monica, and Denver they could go on a run to put pressure on the other sides. Up next: Olympic Club

4. SFGG Rhinos (4-3-0; LW: 3; lost to Belmont Shore 27-22): The Rhinos have made it very difficult on themselves to make the playoffs. Not only do they need to come close to winning out but they will likely need help elsewhere. It's not been the campaign the team wanted but a strong finish could change that. Up next: Santa Monica

5. Denver Barbarians (2-5-0; LW: 4; lost to OMBAC 49-3): After a couple of decent weeks the Barbarians couldn't hold it together against OMBAC. Depth has been an issue for the team and it's something they need to address going forward. Up next: Bye

6. Santa Monica (1-5-0; LW: 6; Bye): The Dolphins had the weekend off. They have struggled this year but if they peak at the right time could play spoiler the rest of the way. Up next: SFGG

7. Olympic Club (0-6-0; LW: 7; lost to Glendale 60-22): Olympic Club once again had flashes but also once again couldn't maintain it throughout a whole match as they lost to Glendale. Up next: Belmont Shore

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