Thursday, March 24, 2016

PRP Power Rankings: A Few Changes But Not In Top Three

No changes at the top of our rankings this week but there are closer to the bottom with both Denver and Santa Monica moving up.

1. Glendale Raptors (6-0-0; Last Week: 1; beat Denver Barbarians 35-17): The Barbarians made them work for it but in the end it was still another Glendale victory. At this point it's not whether the Raptors are going to make the final at Infinity Park but whether they will stay perfect on the season. Losing some players to PRO Rugby will hurt but they may also get some of them back on selected weekends. Up next: Olympic Club

2. OMBAC (5-1-0; LW: 2; beat Belmont Shore 36-14): No reason to move OMBAC after another strong result, this time a win over Belmont Shore. Now that they have played the same number of matches as SFGG they hold a three point lead in the standings. Like Glendale, they could benefit from having their PRO Rugby players play down a week if they aren't being used by San Diego. Up next: Denver Barbarians

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3. SFGG Rhinos (4-2-0; LW: 3; Bye): The Rhinos had the weekend off to reassess after their loss to OMBAC. They are getting players back healthy and that could be a good thing. They still have more meetings with Glendale and OMBAC so it's possible they could make their way back into the playoffs. Up next: Belmont Shore

4. Denver Barbarians (2-4-0; LW: 5; lost to Glendale 35-17): Even though the Barbarians lost to the Raptors they played well in the match and got a big boost from Ben Pinkelman. They may not get that boost every week but it showed what kind of team they are. A season defining match against OMBAC looms this weekend. Up next: OMBAC

5. Belmont Shore (3-3-0; LW: 5; lost to OMBAC 36-14): We moved Belmont Shore down this week as they are struggling having lost their last two matches. Those losses were against Glendale and OMBAC but Belmont Shore have to be disappointed they didn't get more out of either match. Up next: SFGG

6. Santa Monica (1-5-0; LW: 7; beat Olympic Club 16-15): The Dolphins beat Olympic Club for their first win of the season. It was gritty but it's exactly the type of result they need if they want to continue to improve. Up next: Bye

7. Olympic Club (0-6-0; LW: 6; lost to Santa Monica 16-15): After showing so well to start the season Olympic Club are starting to show some wear and tear. The chances of picking up a win are running out fast. Up next: Glendale Raptors

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