Tuesday, March 29, 2016

PRO Rugby Looking For Social Media Ambassadors

Over the past few days PRO Rugby has increased their social media presence with individual Facebook pages and Twitter handles for each team. Now the league has put out the call to fans who want to be involved as Social Media Ambassadors. The ambassadors will be responsible for getting behind the scenes access and will receive season tickets and more as compensation.

Here is the announcement from PRO Rugby.

Rugby fan,

PRO Rugby North America is proudly launching its inaugural season this April, and we’re hoping to have you on board as a Social Media Ambassador. We’re looking for a few social-media-savvy rugby enthusiasts to play an important role in gathering support for the league and its teams.

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San Francisco
San Diego

  • Go behind the scenes to enage with your city’s team, coaches, and athletes, with access unparalleled by modern sports leagues.
  • Act as Social Media Ambassador for your team, which includes covering the team via your city’s PRO Rugby social media accounts.
You will receive:
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the athletes and coaches
  • Season tickets to home games in your city, as well as discounted tickets for up to 10 of your family and friends
  • An official PRO Rugby Team Kit
  • A lifetime rugby fan with extensive knowledge of the game, its rules and its culture
  • Outgoing, personable, and willing to interact with the team
  • Involved in your local community
  • Well versed in social media


  1. Yes, please get this irritating feature out of rugby, we have Laws not rules

  2. The irony of a typo when you are lamenting someone else's mistake . . .

  3. For those of us not in a rugby market, what is the status of the broadcast / streaming deal?

  4. Beth McKee - if you took San Fran you'd make that team a social media power storm - the other teams wouldn't be able to hold their own!!