Saturday, March 5, 2016

Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Uruguay

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The match can be seen live on ESPN3. Our match preview can be seen here.

U.S. Line-up

Forwards: Eric Fry, Mike Sosene-Feagai, Titi Lamositele, Brodie Orth, Ben Landry, Aladdin Schirmer, Todd Clever (C), David Tameilau; Backs: Mike Te'o, James Bird, Tim Stanfill, Chad London, Lorenzo Thomas, Deion Mikesell, JP Eloff; Bench: Joesph Taufete'e, Ollie Kilifi, Demecus Beach, Nate Brakeley, Hanco Germishuys, Niku Kruger, Ryan Matyas, Jake Anderson

Uruguay Line-up

Forwards: Mateo Sanguinetti, Carlos Arboleya, Mario Sagario, Gonzalo Soto, Diego Magno, Juan Gaminara, Juan Diego Ormaechea, Alejandro Nieto; Backs: Agustin Ormaechea, Menual Blengio, Gaston Mieres, Andres Vilaseca, Pedro Deal, Leandro Leivas, Rodrigo Silva; Bench: German Kessler, Facundo Gattas, Juan Echeverria, Mathias Palomeque, Mathias Beeer, Alberto Roman, Guillermo Lijtenstein, Federico Favaro

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Pre-game: All eyes are justly on Vegas but this is huge match for the Eagles. They don't want to end their ARC campaign with two losses. They want to go into the summer against Russia, Italy, and an opponent to be named with momentum.
Pre-game: If you need to get caught up on the results from Vegas we've got you covered.
Pre-game: The stream from Uruguay has kicked in. We're still a few minutes away from kickoff.
Pre-game: Anthems up! If you haven't heard it, you need to check out the Uruguayan national anthem.
0: And we're underway!
3: An early penalty has Uruguay up 3-0.
5: A couple of early penalties on the U.S. and they are giving them lots of territory.
7: U.S. penalized at the scrum. That was a concern coming into the match. Ref is warning about penalties. Ormaechea's kick is no good.
10: U.S. push Uruguay back and then charge down a kick. Uruguay recovers for a 5m scrum.
12: Another U.S. scrum and more problems. They keep the ball, however U.S. then knock it on . Kicking game at the moment.
14: Schirmer try!!!!! Great take from Todd Clever at the scrum. He made the hard yards before passing to London who worked to Schirmer.The conversion from James Bird makes it 7-3 with 15 played.
17: U.S. steals the lineout but it goes into touch. We'll do this again. Tim Stanfill down injured. Possible head injury but hell keep playing.
19: Still more problems at the scrum. It leads to another shot at the posts. Ormaechea's kick is good. 7-6.
21: Uruguay's turn to commit a penalty. This time it's not rolling away. Bird will have a shot. It's up and good. Eagles up 10-6.
22: Joe Taufete'e is on for Mike Sosene-Feagai.
23: Uruguay player down injured. He went into a tackle funny and was knocked out.
27: Off an attacking lineout the U.S. move within meters. Scrum to the Eagles. Ugh, it's a knock-on. That was a good opportunity the U.S. should have converted.
29: Uruguay penalty at the scrum. Bird will go for the easy points. The kick is good. Eagles 13-6 Uruguay. Ten minutes left in the half.
34: Penalty on the Eagles. Ormaechea's kick is no good.
36: Much better scrum the Eagles. That's what they've been looking for. Only a few minutes left in the half.
38: Uruguay will try for points again. This one is a gimme and Ormaechea has it. 13-9.
40: Second half is underway!
41: Of all the new caps, David Tameilau looks like the prize find of the ARC.
43: A couple of scrums to start the second half. Neither of them the U.S. will be happy with after the match.
44: Uruguay attacking and they try the grubber but it's into touch. The Eagles need to gather themselves.
46: Chad London try!! Taufete'e with the heads up play to make the break and London supported. Well done. The U.S. have gotten much better at counterattacking the last few years. That shouldn't be underrated. Bird's conversion good. 20-9.
48: Try Uruguay! They respond right away through their forwards. Mario Sagario. The conversion is up and good. 20-16.
51: U.S. immediately earn a penalty off the restart. Bird's shot is no good.
56: Ben Landry with a run but it's turned over. Eagles are complaining about the tackle. Brakeley on for Tameilau.
60: Lots of back and forth. The U.S. attack has been much better but thye need a breakthrough at some point. Uruguay hanging around.
60: Ben Landry sent to the bin for a push. A big 10 minutes comign up here. Landry was coming in to help Fry. Ormaechea makes the penalty and it's 20-19 with 20 minutes to play.
62: Ollie Kilifi is on for Fry.
65: Bird off, Kruger on. Te'o will swap to either fullback or fly-half.
67: Penalty on the Eagles at the scrum. Ormaechea's kick is good. He's 6/8 on the day. Uruguay back in front at 22-20.
68: Uruguay pinged for holding on. Kruger's kick is no good. It did take time off the clock.
73: Deion Mikesell try!!! U.S. pin Uruguay back, the clearing kick finds Clever and the ball is worked to to Mikesell who beats the defense. Has to feel great for Mikesell to score on debut. Kruger's conversion is no good. 25-23.
75: U.S. pinged for a high tackle. Landry given a second yellow so he's off. U.S. down to 14 for the last five minutes.
78: Uruguay push over for the try! The maul off the lineout works and now the U.S. are in a big hole if the conversion is good. It's good. Uruguay lead 29-25 with about a minute left. Discipline and missed kicks are the story of this match.
Fulltime: Thomas is pushed into touch and that's the final. The U.S. had an 11 point lead in the second half and they let it disappear.

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  1. A few we have learned about our scrum. Fry, Taufetee,and Lamositele is our best option. Bauman is also developing nicely. Beach and Feagai are not up to international standards yet. We really need to develop 2-3 more props and another hooker for the 2019WC. Hilterbrand might be in the mix as well at hooker. There are certainly some options.

  2. Can we start making our darn kicks!!! Left 11 points on the pitch. We can't miss penalty kicks from inside the 22. It's pathetic. Once again, Landry gives away the penalty that leads directly to the other teams winning points. I just want to use expletives to describe this performance, it was putrid. Uruguay had far more heart and desire. That alone is unacceptable.